Friday: 5 x (1500m @ 22, 500m @ 24) / 2′

Thursday:  No training.  Colonoscopy!  I guess we’ll call that a rest day?

Friday:  Since I didn’t sleep more than 2 hours on the night before my “procedure”, I decided that getting as much sleep as possible on Thursday night was the best thing to do.  So, I slept late and rushed off to work.  I went to the gym around 4 in the afternoon.

The Plan:

Session: 5 x 2000m
Rest between: 2’
Rating: For each piece alternate (1500m @ Cat V: SR 22/ 500m @ Cat IV: SR 24)
Training effect: Mix of 75% Cat V extensive endurance, 25% Cat IV intensive endurance
Pace targets:
  • Cat V: 2:01 to 2:05
  • Cat IV: 1:55
I didn’t do my full PT stretching and exercising routine, I just hopped on the machine.

That was very enjoyable.  Easy enough that I could spend a lot of brain power on trying to maintain my posture at the catch and finish.


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