Friday: Steady State, Saturday: Threshold

Friday: 3 x 20′ / 2′ on slides

I flew out of San Jose at about 9pm and arrived in Boston at 5:15am Friday morning.  I got an hour or two of sleep on the plane.  Once I got to Boston, I got to my car and drove home to Hopkinton, grabbed a few things I needed for the long weekend and headed to the Cape.  I ultimately arrived around 9am.  I went to bed for a couple of hours and woke up feeling kind of groggy.  I felt a bit better as the day went on.

I toyed with the idea of going for a coastal row, but it was a bit windy and I didn’t feel like the hassle of loading the boat.  Instead I just popped down to the basement for a steady state session on slides.

It was a pretty lousy session.  I needed to slow way down to keep my HR below the caps.

          Workout Summary - media/20180831-2030270o.csv
Workout Details

Someday, I’m gonna figure out how to improve the accuracy of the summaries.

Saturday – Sept 1: 36′ Minute Threshold Piece in a coastal row.

It was gorgeous today!  Sunny, about 75F, light to moderate breeze from the East.  That’s the best direction for the wind because it provides the best water conditions since the wind is coming off the land.

I launched from the north beach and turned to head into Loagy Bay.  I wanted to get as long of a straightish run as I could get.  I hate turning around in long threshold pieces.  I figured I could run up along Indian Neck, and then turn West and head toward Chequessett Neck and finish by the outlet of the Herring River.  This would be running with the incoming tide, but there wouldn’t be much current close to shore, and the chop should be minimized except as I crossed to Great Island, and  then it would be generally behind me.

Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 5.35.29 PM

          Workout Summary - media/20180901-2110280o.csv
Workout Details
00|01658|09:00.0|02:42.8|000.0|20.1|140.0|152.0|09.2 - warmup
01|06827|36:00.0|02:38.2|000.0|24.4|171.4|182.0|07.8 - Main piece
02|06066|38:37.5|03:11.0|000.0|21.7|150.4|181.0|07.2 - Long row home!

The row went very well.  I just counted strokes.  Every hundred was another 4 minutes down.  I wasn’t sure how many minutes I would get out of the course.  It turned out to be about 36′.  I had two slow downs.  The first was a massive waking that seemed to get me from two directions, and then soon after that, I needed to turn to avoid the shoal as I got to the Herring River inlet.

I was really pleased with the workout.  I was able to settle in to a groove with my HR in the 170s and just keep cranking.  I’d like to get the stroke rate up over the next month, but for now, I am just pleased to have unbroken sessions and good efforts.

After I finished, I realized just how far away I was from home.  And I also realized that a lot of it would be into the wind and tide.  I decided to just take it easy and focus on rowing with reasonably good form.  I was really tired for the first 10 minutes or so after I finished the hard piece, but by the time I got close to the end, I was feeling good and pushed a little harder.

Now, a few hours later, I am starting to feel very stiff and tired.  And I have a couple of really big blisters.  I guess it was a pretty hard workout after all.


Saturday: 4 x 12′ rate ladders – on slides

Down on the cape.  Still too cold and windy for open water rowing.  So I did this on slides.

It’s a new workout from Marlene.

  • 4 x 12′ / 6′ rest
  • each 12′
    • 6′ Cat VI (r18-r20, 2:02 to 2:06)
    • 4′ Cat IV (r24, 1:52)
    • 2′ Cat III (r28, 1:48)

I had technical issues today.  I managed to bring my OH1 heart rate monitor, but forgot the elastic strap.  I tried to improvised a strap out of an old sock but made it too narrow and it fell out during the first rep.  During the rest I went and cut a wider one from the other sock.  That one works.

But when I got back to the erg, I discovered that I had misprogrammed the rest into the PM and the next interval had started a couple minutes ago.  So, I aborted that one, and re programmed it.  I put in a 5 minute rests just because I was a little pressed for time.

Afterwards, I used rowsandall to glue the two workouts back  together.  It was easier than writing the sentence about doing it.

The workout was very taxing.  Maybe I was a little low energy.  I don’t know, but the last six minutes of each interval were tough!  I dialed back the pace a bit and stuck it out, but I was really struggling.  I also let myself rate up a bit (25 for 24 and 30 for 28) in the last two intervals.

         Workout Summary - media/df_20180414-225155.csv
Workout Details

I felt like I deserved a beer after that.  So, I had two.  We went to dinner at a great restaurant called CShore in Wellfleet.


  • 80 minutes with speed play
  • rest, brief to rehydrate (I’ll stop for a minute every 20 minutes)
  • 20 strokes at r28 every ten minutes.  I’ll do them at 5 and 15.
  • I’ll also aim for the slow end of the cat VI range and focus on hip hinge stuff.





Saturday: 3 x 15′ / 4′ – Rate Ladders

Down on the cape.

It’s been a great day.  I got up around 9, and went out to the bakery.  I got some farmers bread, chocolate croissants, and other pastries and a delicious latte and headed home.

We had some breakfast and then it was time for some work around the house.

The winter has been tough on the exterior of the house.  A couple of stretches of sand fencing were blown down.  So the first task was to replace and resecure the fencing.

2018-03-24 18.24.07

2018-03-24 18.24.41

Then I went and bought some fiberglass screening and replaced the torn screens in three of the storm doors.

Finally, around 5pm, I headed downstairs to do my erg session.  This is the second time at this workout and the first time was tough.

  • 3 x 15′ / 4′ rest
    • 5′ @ Cat VI r20 (2:03-2:08)
    • 4′ @ Cat V r22 (1:58-2:02)
    • 3′ @ Cat IV r24 (1:52-1:56)
    • 2′ @ Cat III r26 (1:48 exactly)
    • 1′ @ Cat II r28 (1:45 or faster)

I actually misremembered the paces and I was aiming at 2:06, 2:02, 1:57: 1:52, 1:47

          Workout Summary - media/20180324-2200360o.csv
Workout Details

Well, I might have aimed slow on pace, but it was a very hard workout.

The heart rate was almost identical to the the first time I did this workout on March 10th.  That time I started a bit faster and slowed down.




  • 2 x 2000m / 2’
    • Rating: Cat V pace; target SR 22 (1:58 – 2:02)
  • 2 x 1000m, rest 3’ easy
    • Rating: Cat IV pace: target SR 24-26 (1:52)
  • 2 x 500m, rest 2’ easy
    • Rating: Cat III pace: target SR 26-28 (1:48)

90 minute bike ride

I was planning on a L3 open water session, but when I woke up this morning, I saw my daughter’s fiancee dressed up in his bike riding gear.  I asked how far he was going to ride.  20 miles.  I asked if he wouldn’t mind some company.  He didn’t.  So off we went.

We live about 2 and a half miles off of the Cape Cod Rail Trail.  The first mile is loose sand, sharp gravel and washboard dirt road.  After that, you cross the salt marsh, cross a rickety wooden bridge and then you’re on a real road.

This video gives you an idea of what it’s like

It was grey out again this morning, but the forecast called for it to clear up.  That did eventually happen, but before that we had mist, drizzle, and light rain.

The Rail Trail is beautiful.  Wide, smooth and flat.  Originally, we were just planning to ride until we hit 10 miles, and then turn and come home, but about 6 miles in, I remembered that the ride to Rock Harbor in Orleans was about 20 miles round trip, so now we had a real destination.


I took the lead on the way down.  I don’t ride much, and I hardly even ride with another person, so I’m not really sure what the etiquette is in terms of pace.  I would keep an eye out, an if I saw that I was dropping him, I’d slow down, and if I saw him up close, I’d pop it up a gear and speed up a bit.  Then we swapped and he led on the way home.

Despite the rain, it was a really nice ride.



Tomorrow:  I was supposed to do an L3 today.  I’ll do it tomorrow.


Saturday: 75km Bike Ride

Friday:  I slept in and worked from home.  My wife and I were heading down to the cape for the weekend.  I was hoping to squeeze in a workout, but a quick look at my meeting schedule dashed those hopes.  So, I took it as a rest day.

Saturday:  I decided I wanted to do a long bike ride.  From my house all the way to the beginning of the Cape Cod Rail Trail.  The weather was a little iffy.  The wind was howling last night, over 50mph at times, with some rain as well.  By this morning, the wind had calmed down a bit and the rain was gone.  It was still very gray, and the it was quite cool, around 48F.

Screen Shot 2016-10-29 at 5.10.35 PM.png

You can see from the elevation that the ride is quite flat.  The only thing that breaks it up is frequent road crossings.  It starts with about a mile of walking and riding on sandy roads on the island, then the road firms up and you can start riding.  As I crossed the bridge from the island, my jury rigged mount for my iphone busted and my phone clattered to the pavement.  I stuffed it in my pants and rode the rest of way without any speed of heart rate feedback.  I join the rail trail at mile 21, and head south.  There was a ton of sticks, leaves, pine cones and other debris on the trail from the wind storm yesterday.  It made steering a bit interesting.

I tried to keep my cadence up.  Whenever I hit a hill, I downshifted to try to keep things light.  I don’t ride very often and I have very rarely gone this far.  I still wanted to get a good aerobic workout, but I didn’t want to cramp up 20 miles from home.

There was very little traffic on the trail, and I’m proud to say that I was not passed by a single cyclist.

Looks like I succeeded in terms of intensity.  An hour and a half of UT1, plus 45 minutes of UT2.  Total time on the road was over 3 hours, with about 2:50 of moving time.

The biggest challenge of the ride was arriving back at the island at high tide.  I had to carry my bike and wade through about half a mile of flooded road.  Man, the water was cold.  Here’s the view back across it after I was finished.  You can see the bridge off in the distance.  The water was 6 to 12″ deep all the way along the road.  I’ve never seen the tide that high.


After I finished wading, I had lost all feeling in my feet.  I got my socks and shoes back on and peddled slowly back to the house.

Wahoo fitness said it was a 2500 calorie bike ride.  I think that is probably about right.  It was pretty epic for me.

Tomorrow:  I will do an easy erg session in the evening when I get home from the cape.

Sunday: 60km bike ride

We’re happily ensconced in our vacation house in Truro.  I got up this morning and decided to do a nice long bike ride.  I usually go north to Provincetown and the bike trails through the national seashore up there.  Today, I decided to go south and ride down to the Cape Cod Rail Trail.  This is a paved, wide bike trail that starts way down in Dennis, and continues for 22 miles up to Eastham.  Our house is in Truro, about 10 miles north of the Eastham end.

To get there I took mostly back roads with very little traffic, but a portion was on the main highway, Route 6.  This has a lot of traffic, but wide shoulders.

Here’s my path:

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 1.02.47 PM

Here are some stats for my ride on Strava.

I averaged about 25 km/h for the ride.  I covered about 60km in 2:28.  I have to admit that I ran out of gas around the 2 hour mark.  I also made an error in navigation at the end.  I though a dirt road was good enough to ride on, but it had a lot of loose sand and I I had to walk my bike about a quarter of a mile.

Then when I was less than 2 minutes from home disaster struck.  I was turning into the the road that our house is on.  It is a sharp turn and I hit a patch of sand and the bike came right out from under me.  I have a bunch of road rash on my right forearm, hip and knee.  Stings like hell.

Here is speed and elevation.  The HR data is wrong.  I was working way harder than that.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 1.06.33 PM

Tomorrow:  I think a run on the beach.  Maybe a walk on the beach.  Maybe lying on the beach.