Saturday: 75km Bike Ride

Friday:  I slept in and worked from home.  My wife and I were heading down to the cape for the weekend.  I was hoping to squeeze in a workout, but a quick look at my meeting schedule dashed those hopes.  So, I took it as a rest day.

Saturday:  I decided I wanted to do a long bike ride.  From my house all the way to the beginning of the Cape Cod Rail Trail.  The weather was a little iffy.  The wind was howling last night, over 50mph at times, with some rain as well.  By this morning, the wind had calmed down a bit and the rain was gone.  It was still very gray, and the it was quite cool, around 48F.

Screen Shot 2016-10-29 at 5.10.35 PM.png

You can see from the elevation that the ride is quite flat.  The only thing that breaks it up is frequent road crossings.  It starts with about a mile of walking and riding on sandy roads on the island, then the road firms up and you can start riding.  As I crossed the bridge from the island, my jury rigged mount for my iphone busted and my phone clattered to the pavement.  I stuffed it in my pants and rode the rest of way without any speed of heart rate feedback.  I join the rail trail at mile 21, and head south.  There was a ton of sticks, leaves, pine cones and other debris on the trail from the wind storm yesterday.  It made steering a bit interesting.

I tried to keep my cadence up.  Whenever I hit a hill, I downshifted to try to keep things light.  I don’t ride very often and I have very rarely gone this far.  I still wanted to get a good aerobic workout, but I didn’t want to cramp up 20 miles from home.

There was very little traffic on the trail, and I’m proud to say that I was not passed by a single cyclist.

Looks like I succeeded in terms of intensity.  An hour and a half of UT1, plus 45 minutes of UT2.  Total time on the road was over 3 hours, with about 2:50 of moving time.

The biggest challenge of the ride was arriving back at the island at high tide.  I had to carry my bike and wade through about half a mile of flooded road.  Man, the water was cold.  Here’s the view back across it after I was finished.  You can see the bridge off in the distance.  The water was 6 to 12″ deep all the way along the road.  I’ve never seen the tide that high.


After I finished wading, I had lost all feeling in my feet.  I got my socks and shoes back on and peddled slowly back to the house.

Wahoo fitness said it was a 2500 calorie bike ride.  I think that is probably about right.  It was pretty epic for me.

Tomorrow:  I will do an easy erg session in the evening when I get home from the cape.

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