Saturday: 16km Open Water Row

We headed down to the cape after work on Friday and arrived around 8pm.  I’m still struggling a bit with Jet lag and I was asleep by 10pm.  I woke up around 4am, but managed to eventually get back to sleep and got up for good around 7:30.  When I got up, I looked out and it was absolutely stunning outside.  Temperature was around 55F, and there was just a little bit of wind, maybe 1-2mph.  Even better, it was nearly high tide, so launch and recovery would be easy.  I tossed my boat on top of my car and headed to the beach about 2 minutes away.

I launched and discovered that I had forgotten my seat!  Oh well, I paddled to the base of my stairs, ran up to my house, got my seat, and then I started my row.

Screen Shot 2016-10-16 at 8.28.22 AM.png

First, I headed straight up to Wellfleet harbor.  I noticed that my boat speed was pretty good (around 2:30-2:40).  Remember, I am in an Alden star.  I usually have to work pretty hard to go that fast.  Then it occurred to me that I was riding the incoming tide up the harbor.  After that, it was kind of fun to maintain the same pressure and watch the boat speed move around depending on the tidal current.

I rowed through Wellfleet harbor and around the town pier.  I rowed a way up into the old harbor.   I turned around when it started to get a bit narrow.  Then I headed south along the east shore of the harbor, turning again when I ran out of space.

Then I headed across toward the long spit that forms Wellfleet harbor.  At the north end of this is a tidal estuary called the Herring River.  I had never gone up there, so I paddled through with the tide and briefly saw a 2:20 pace when I was in the middle of the channel.

I did a big loop around and headed back south along the spit.  I rowed 2km south, and then cut across the bay.  The wind had picked up just a little and there was a cross chop that made rowing a bit more challenging.  Once I was over to Lt. Island, the water was flatter and I pushed along to the finish at the beach.

Workout Details
Workout Details
01|05048|28:00.0|02:46.4|20.2|139.4|147.0|08.9 - With the tide
02|05476|30:00.0|02:44.4|20.9|146.6|151.0|08.7 - harvbor & Herring River
03|05614|32:49.0|02:55.4|22.2|151.6|156.0|07.7 - Back against the tide

I felt great after the workout.  Energized and happy.  But within an hour or so, I felt pretty drained.  It was a long session.  I had trouble keeping my eyes open by 8pm and I was asleep before 10.

The featured image was the sunset on Saturday night.  It was close to low tide then.  I’m not sure the picture does justice to the incredible colors.


Friday: Head Race Piece in the 2x

Thursday:  I got home from the airport around 11pm. I slept in and didn’t have a chance to workout.  Probably not a bad idea anyway.  I felt pretty beaten up by the flights.


Weather:  Light wind from the NorthEast, about 3-5 mph.  A tailwind for the first 5K of the 6.5K piece.  It was completely dark at 5:30am.  It was around sunrise when we finished.


  • Warmup to the north end of the lake
  • Head race piece from the north end of the lake, with a loop around the islands to practice turning under pressure
  • Rate: 24-25, Pace between 2:15 and 2:20
  • Cool down:  just back to the dock.

Screen Shot 2016-10-16 at 8.37.14 AM.png

I felt shaky at first.  It had been 2 weeks since I had been in a boat.  But by the time we got to the north end of the lake, I was fine.  In some ways, it might have been good.  I was a bit more deliberate in my stroke.  I was doing better getting my blades off the water, and I was more conscious about blade depth.

Since I had had been out of the boat for a while, and also since Joe was racing on Saturday, we decided to keep the rate a bit lower.  This worked out well.  Sad to say, we start to lose efficiency above about 25 spm.

Workout Summary – media/20161014-165601-77329o.csv

Workout Details

The was the dawn after we put away the boat.  I pretty morning.

2016-10-14 06.35.11.jpg