6 thoughts on “Rowing Links

  1. Jack Gilmore says:

    Hello,Greg. I discovered this Quantified Rowing blog only today. I mistakenly thought your blogging was at ISS forums. I will have to catch upon your year on the water! Wrong-way Jack the Pete Planner


    • gregsmith01748 says:

      Hi Jack! I was using the ISS site until February of this year. I finally got fed up with how slow and difficult it was to post stuff, and how hard it was to find things that I had posted. I’m really happy with using wordpress. The editor is much better. It is much faster. It has tags and categories so I can find stuff. And the tools to moderate and do commenting are great! I’d like to lure more people into using it for keeping training journals so we can compare notes.


  2. Jack Gilmore says:

    Looking at your linear stepped watts/rate substitution for L4 pace chart. I think I get it. I did 3×10′ L4 200sp10′ today. I could feel the demanding bump in oace from rate 22 to 24 and put it down to being weak as a kitten. Now wondering maybe everyone feels that big step. I am a math pinhead but it occurs to me that someone (not me certainly) should be able to decrypt the Caviston formula for pace generation. Might he have thought the irregular increments encouraged an adaptation to the thwarting of expectations (of crew prospects first and, inadvertently, of sports archeologists now)? He had to know the cube rule delta:delta as applied to pace and power! JackG


    • gregsmith01748 says:

      Yep, people have deciphered the formula for paces on the L4 workouts. I can dig it out and send it to you if you like.

      By the way, a 200 is a really hard sequence, especially if you have set your pace from an aggressive 2k. For L4 workouts, I’m usually using 180s, 184s, 176s or else they turn into death marches, even if I use linear watt increments.

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  3. Jack Gilmore says:

    My messages in bottles are washing up at Rowing Links. That isn’t right. I should have commented on the WP in the WP pew/queue. One more and I’ll change freqs like a good fellow.

    Apropos L4 200′ i literally could not make the 17.9W jump between 22 and 24 rate. I found it difficult to produce a single 2:14 stroke in the first iteration (av. 2:16 @ 25!). Regular 10W increases would be a happier choice as I am clearly not going to be stroking a women’s eight in this lifetime. I trust that Caviston didn’t derive his paces from a series of digits on the bottom of a cast iron skillet? Very likely i would not understand the process however simple or complex. JackG


    • gregsmith01748 says:

      Hi Jack! Doesn’t matter much where your comments show up. I see them all no matter where they are. To get started with L4s, I suggest that you either start with a sequence like 168/172/176, or you derate your 2K pace by 4 seconds and shift up by 2 strokes. In the WP, Caviston basically has says that it takes months to progress from the lower stroke counts to the stuff that includes any r24 strokes at all. You jumped into the deep end!


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