Tough Session: 3 x 1500/1′ + 3 x 500/2′

Went to bed a bit late, but slept well (if only for about 5 hours).  Up at 5:15 to head to work.


  • 3 x 1500m / 1’
    • Rating: Cat IV pace; target SR 23-24 (Pace: 1:52)
  • 3 x 500m / 2’ easy
    • Rating: Cat II pace: target SR 28-30 (Pace: 1:45)
  • Notes: Stay on the target paces, no faster, no slower.

I added a 2K at Cat VI pace to warmup.

I figured I would be OK since the pace for my 20′ test was faster than what was required for the 3×1500.  But I was a bit worried about the short turnaround from the peak power session at 5pm last night to this session at 7:30am today.  I wasn’t sore this morning, but my legs felt “empty”.

The first two reps were OK, but really taxing.  I was counting strokes the whole way.  The third rep, I basically chickened out.  I think I could have made it, but I was really struggling, and I knew that I had the 3×500 yet to go.  I HD’ed briefly in  the middle and started up again at a slightly slower pace.  Stopping once really took the wind out of my sails so when it started stinging again near the end, I just paddled it out.

The 500s were far more humane, even though they were a lot faster.  I was having trouble holding the stroke rate above 28 because I was really focusing on trying to sequence the recovery correctly.  The last of the 500s was pretty brutal, but I was not in the mood to bail on any more intervals.

          Workout Summary - media/20180314-1230360o.csv
Workout Details
00|02000|08:19.0|02:04.7|179.3|18.2|133.5|146.0|13.2 - wu
03|01500|05:55.4|01:58.5|216.2|24.0|169.0|177.0|10.5 - HD!

Next time, I think I can get this one on target.

Tomorrow:  I am flying off to San Francisco first thing in the morning.  I have meetings in  the afternoon and a dinner.  Then I head home Friday morning.  I will take a rest day tomorrow and try to a quick session in the hotel fitness center before I fly home.


Monday: 4 x 12′ / 1’30”


  • 4 x 12′ / 1’30″
  • rate: 22
  • pace: 2:01 to 2:05
  • HR limit: 157

The main point of this workout is precision.  Hitting exactly the target split at exactly the target rate.  In addition, it’s a good chance for me to work on recovery sequence (keeping my knees down)

I did the workout in the fitness center at work around 11 am.  This was about 18 hours after yesterday’s awful 60′ session.  I sure felt sore this morning and I suspect that I was not sufficiently recovered even by my late morning start.

My HR was a higher today than last week, but was only a little high relative to the HR limit.  It plateaued pretty much around 157-159.

          Workout Summary - media/20171127-1720300o.csv
Workout Details

Comparison of HR to last time.


I like this workout.  It’s pretty short and not too taxing.


  • 5 x 2000m / 2′
    • 1500m at r22 and 2:01
    • 500m at r24 and 1:55

This is a redo of the workout I did last Tuesday.

Saturday: 2 x 5 x (800m on / 200m paddle) / 5′ rest in the 2x

Out at Lake Quinsigamond.  Very light breeze from the south.  Cold as hell, about 25F, when we launched.  Hazy sunshine.  It warmed up to about 30F by the time we finished.

The Plan:

Session: 2 x 5000m (alternate 800m on/ 200m easy)
Rest between: 5’
Rating/Pace: 800m “on” = Cat IV
For the #1 “on” SR 24
For the #2 “on” SR 26
Notes: Stay as close as you can to the target stroke rate

We launched around 8:30 and headed to the north end of the lake.  The lake is about 6km long so we wanted to be able to do all five reps going south, and then spin during the rest and do 5 more heading north.  We just rowed steady up to warm up.  It felt a bit weird being in a boat after almost a month, but we settled in and started to take some good strokes.

          Workout Summary - media/20171118-203730-Greg Smith 20171118 0918amo.csv
Workout Details

The workout was tough.  It would have been easier on the erg, I think.  I was working very hard in the last couple pieces of each section.  I really wanted the “easy” bits to last longer by the end.

I started out with pogies on and I took them off after the first half of the workout.  It was a lot easier to control the finish without them on.

It was a wonderful thing to be out on the water with Joe.  He is a great partner in the double.  He steers, I row stroke and he follows whatever weird stuff I do in terms of rate.  He also never complains about me splashing him, even when It’s 25 degrees out.

Not sure what is in store for tomorrow.


Friday: 5 x (1500m @ 22, 500m @ 24) / 2′

Thursday:  No training.  Colonoscopy!  I guess we’ll call that a rest day?

Friday:  Since I didn’t sleep more than 2 hours on the night before my “procedure”, I decided that getting as much sleep as possible on Thursday night was the best thing to do.  So, I slept late and rushed off to work.  I went to the gym around 4 in the afternoon.

The Plan:

Session: 5 x 2000m
Rest between: 2’
Rating: For each piece alternate (1500m @ Cat V: SR 22/ 500m @ Cat IV: SR 24)
Training effect: Mix of 75% Cat V extensive endurance, 25% Cat IV intensive endurance
Pace targets:
  • Cat V: 2:01 to 2:05
  • Cat IV: 1:55
I didn’t do my full PT stretching and exercising routine, I just hopped on the machine.

That was very enjoyable.  Easy enough that I could spend a lot of brain power on trying to maintain my posture at the catch and finish.