Monday: 4 x 12′ / 1’30”


  • 4 x 12′ / 1’30″
  • rate: 22
  • pace: 2:01 to 2:05
  • HR limit: 157

The main point of this workout is precision.  Hitting exactly the target split at exactly the target rate.  In addition, it’s a good chance for me to work on recovery sequence (keeping my knees down)

I did the workout in the fitness center at work around 11 am.  This was about 18 hours after yesterday’s awful 60′ session.  I sure felt sore this morning and I suspect that I was not sufficiently recovered even by my late morning start.

My HR was a higher today than last week, but was only a little high relative to the HR limit.  It plateaued pretty much around 157-159.

          Workout Summary - media/20171127-1720300o.csv
Workout Details

Comparison of HR to last time.


I like this workout.  It’s pretty short and not too taxing.


  • 5 x 2000m / 2′
    • 1500m at r22 and 2:01
    • 500m at r24 and 1:55

This is a redo of the workout I did last Tuesday.

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