One thought on “More video: r22 and r24

  1. AMBer says:

    Just checking your blog – looks better around the catch
    – hands at finish still slow – I can hear my coach in my ears “hands in and out of the finish for the last 2 inches is the SAME speed at 18 as 36” – this is probably the most crucial point I ever make when coaching a crew. I follow that Duncan Holland paradigm (if you can’t beat the Cambridge Blues and Olympic coach may as well join him) – the finish sets up the recovery, the recovery the catch.
    – From a physics and momentum perspective my mental rowing model is that the catch is light and the goal is too accelerate the blade to the point of maximal power – blade at 90 degrees to oarlock, legs almost finished, layback half done, arms just about to bend. The drive position for a weightlifting clean. From there powercurve goes off so aim to maintain velocity in and out of finish.


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