Sunday & Monday: 4 x 20′ / 1′


On the cape in the basement, around 10AM

Same session as Saturday.  Much different result.  Higher HR, higher Lactate (3.3).  I felt much more tired.  The main difference is that Saturday’s workout was after a rest day, Sunday’s workout was only 18 hours after Saturday’s, so I need  to move my training power a bit lower to stay in the right range.

          Workout Summary - media/20171112-1540290o.csv
Workout Details
05|04828|20:00.0|02:04.3|183.0|19.1|152.2|157.0|12.6 - 3.3

Here is a comparison of HR for Saturday vs Sunday.  I started at lower power, so the HR starts off lower, but it never plateaus!



In the fitness center at work.

I spoke to Marlene last night, and she has sent me the details of my fitness assessment.  The gist of the assessment was:

  • My 1K is my strongest score
  • My peak power is OK, but could be improved
  • My anaerobic and aerobic thresholds are relatively weak.

She sent along her recommendations for training paces.

  • Cat VI – 2:06 – 2:11
  • Cat V – 2:01 – 2:05
  • Cat IV – 1:55
  • Cat III – faster than 1:51
  • Cat II – faster than 1:47

Today’s session was supposed to be a Cat VI session.  I was instructed to row no faster than the fast end of the band, so, of course, that is what I aimed for.

         Workout Summary - media/20171113-1345290o.csv
Workout Details
03|04753|20:00.0|02:06.2|173.8|18.7|141.4|145.0|12.7- 1.8


Lactate Log

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