Thursday: 2 x 30′ / 2′ rest (HR Capped)

In Taiwan at the Ambassador Hotel in Hsinchu.  I arrived this morning at 6am, and was at the hotel by 7:15.  I unpacked, called home, and the got into my gym clothes. I was planning another fitness center snooze-fest.

I made a delightful discovery.  In the fitness center, there was an old Model D with PM2.

On top of that rower, there was a person.  The person was rowing. Slowly.  Underhand.  I got on the treadmill closest to the erg and started to do some inclined marching.  I figured he couldn’t go on too long like that.  He didn’t  I hopped off the treadmill at the six minute mark and jumped on the erg.

New plan:  2 x 30′ / 2′ with a HR cap at 155.

This turned out to be a challenge.  Between jet lag, fatigue, immobility, and dehydration, my HR climbed steadily and even when I slowed way down, it stayed high.

Despite that I enjoyed the session thoroughly.

Tomorrow morning:  First crack at the CTC, at R24, just to get the hang of it.


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