Friday: 10K @ MP

I didn’t have much time this morning, so I did what I could.

Plan called for 2 x 45′ at marathon pace.  I only had about 40 minutes because I had an early meeting I needed to get to, so I subbed in a 10k at the same pace.

These workouts are supposed to be done with a HR cap, and today was no exception.  I decided  to row against a cap of 150 (80% of HR max).  Since I’ve had such great sessions the past couple of days, I decided to start off at 185W and see how long I could hold it before I needed to back off to stay under the cap.  Turns out I made it  the whole way.  It was another good workout.  If I was doing another 45 minutes, I would have had to back off, but still.  It was better than the HR response I was seeing at 170W just a week ago.


A few stroke metrics, just for fun.

Pretty consistent.

I’m posting this from the BA lounge at Logan airport.  I board for Narita, connecting to Korea in about 45 minutes.

Maybe the Sheraton in Seoul has an erg.  (But I doubt it).