Wednesday: 60 minutes at 175W

Tuesday:  I had to work through exercise time yesterday morning to prep a presentation for a meeting later in the day.  I hoped to sneak off to the gym between meetings during the day, but everything ran long.  so it was a Bonus Rest Day!  I didn’t need any more rest.

Wednesday:  Still dealing with high workload, but I managed to plow through it in time to squeeze 60 minutes on the erg.  I decided to no “waste” any of it as rest time, so I just rowed straight through.

Good session.  I was bumping up against my moveable cap.  The rule I’m using is:

  • 145 or under during the first 20 minutes
  • 150 or under for 20-40 minutes
  • 155 or under beyond 40 minutes

I was fine through about 30 minutes, then I needed to slow down to stay legal.  At 40 minutes, with another 5 beats to play with, I went back to 175W, and then slowed again after 5 minutes or so.  I decided to reward myself for being such a good boy by allowing me to make up the lost wattage in the last minute.


Tomorrow:  3 x 20 or 4 x 20 depending on how much time I have.


Five days, three workouts

March 23, Thursday:  I last posted on Wednesday of last week, with a monster journal entry.  Around 4:30, I headed off to the airport to catch a 6:30 flight to San Francisco.  I arrived around 11:00 pm and by the time I had picked up my car and driven down to San Jose, I didn’t get to bed until around 1am.  I needed to be on conference calls starting at 7am, so I decided to get a bit more sleep instead of working out.

I went to an all day conference, and then headed back to the airport to take a red eye home.

I guess you’d call it a rest day?

March 24, Friday:  I slept pretty badly on the plane.  I was crammed in coach in row 37 (almost all the way in the back), and felt pretty claustrophobic, I probably managed about 3 hours of sleep.

Working from home seemed to be the most intelligent thing to do, so I did.  I had meetings from 9am to 1pm.  At that point I jumped on the erg for an easy endurance session to work the kinks out.  With that little sleep, I had low expectations.

It was a pretty lousy workout, but I felt better after than before.


Later Friday evening, my wife and I took off for the cape.  It is a significant  understatement to say that I was really eager to go.

I slept like a log for ten hours Friday night.

March 25, Saturday:  I lazed around in the morning, and hung out with my wife in the afternoon.  There never seemed to be a good time to go workout, so I didn’t.  I felt a little guilty, but only a little.  This was a real rest day.

March 26, Sunday:  I slept another 10 hours.  I felt great when I woke up and I lazed around some more.  I was just sitting around doing crossword puzzles.  This was the view from the couch.

2017-03-26 09.35.03

Beautiful sunny day, but cold for this time of year.  Around 38F, with the water temp about the same.  I think I have about another month before I really want to do much open water rowing.

In the afternoon, I headed down to the basement and did an 80 minute session.  Getting started was frustrating.  First, I discovered that I had forgotten the strap for my Wahoo Tickr.  Then, I discovered that the battery in my Polar H7 had died.  So, I decided to go without a HR monitor.  Then I discovered that the batteries in the PM5 were dead, and I needed to steal batteries from a flashlight to replace them.  Finally after about 20 minutes of faffing around, I was finally ready to settle down.

I decided to do a 4×20′ session.  Since I didn’t have a HR monitor to keep me honest, I immediately decided to row faster, targeting 2:05 instead of 2:08.  It actually went really well.  I felt strong and relaxed through the whole workout.


The little peak at the end in the power curve was caused by me seeing that I was within striking distance of getting over 20km for the whole session, so I rowed the last 1 minute rest hard enough to roll it over.

March 27, Monday:  Back to the routine.  Up at 5:15.  Email until 7:15.  Hit the gym.  Today, I decided to do 2×30’/2′ rest @ 175W.  This was a bit slower than Sunday, but still faster than last week.  I was curious if the early morning or the 80 minute session from Sunday would cause me to push the HR to high.

Nope.  It was a good session.  HR plateaued nicely at 175W.  I think working it up to 180W over this week will be the plan.


Tomorrow:  2 x 40′ / 2′ (If I have time, otherwise another 2×30.

This pace of workouts is basically maintaining fitness, not improving it.  But my fatigue level is nice and low!

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 12.56.28 PM.png



StravistiX – What going easier looks like

I like this tool.  The last 5 days, I’ve been going much easier and 9t shows in the reduction of my fatigue level (the grey area).  It also shows that my fitness is plateaued.  I think that has more to do with 6 rest days over the past 11 days.  I think if I can maintain 6 easy, 60-80 minute sessions a week, I will keep fatigue in check and make steady improvement in endurance.  That’s a good thing to do if I’m gonna row more than 20 miles in a race in July.

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 9.17.15 AM

Catching up – Way too busy

Last entry was on March 12th.  Holy cow, that’s a long time ago.

Monday, March 13th:  No Training, Doctor’s appointment in the morning.  My BP is running higher than it should be, and he increased the dosage of my meds.

Tuesday, March 14th: Apparently no training, but I have no idea why.  This is why I need to do this daily!….  Oh wait.  It’s coming back to me.  We had a blizzard and I slept in instead of training.  I did shovel the walk for about 20 minutes of light aerobic exercise, but otherwise I didn’t have time to train.

Wednesday, March 15th:  I had an 8 am meeting, so I needed to be quick.  I just did a 10K at 180W.  The ANT+ interface on my HR monitor gave up during the row and took down ergdata with it.  Luckily, I still had the the wahoo app running on my phone!  Hooray for redundancy.

Conclusion from this row.  I need to turn down the intensity for steady state.

Then On Wednesday evening, I headed off to the airport to fly on the redeye to London, and then on to France for a meeting.    I felt quite ill on the flight, and a bit under the weather the whole time I was in France.

Thursday, March 16th:  Arrived in Marseille around 11am, internal meetings all afternoon.  Conferece calls until  2:30am. No Training

Friday, March 17th: Up at 7:3oam to head to meeting at customer site.  Meeting concluded around 12:00pm.  Straight back to airport, caught a flight to London, and then back to Boston.  Arrived home at about midnight.  No Training.

While I was on the road, and a bit unsettled by how bad I felt on the flight over to France, I decided to take a step back from my current training plan.  I was not happy with how my HR has been so high in my endurance sessions.  I am also traveling too much to keep pace with the plan right now.  Finally, my job stress is basically through the roof.

I decided that I will bring the intensity down a notch.  I think it is critically important to my stress level and health to workout as many days as I possible can.  But I want the workouts to be more relaxing and less demanding.  I think it could actually be quite beneficial to focus on building my aerobic endurance for a few weeks, and then hop back on the plan.  The plan would be to row with a strict 155 HR cap, and turn the pace way down to 2:10.  I should be able to see incremental improvement in the power that I can hold with this heart rate constraint over a period of a few weeks.

Saturday, March 18th:   My Birthday!  I turned 54.  A relatively non-descript birthday.  Not much of a milestone.  Very weary from the travel.  Slept about 10 hours.  Late afternoon, settled in for a very easy session.

Plan:  3 x 20′ / 1′ rest @ 2:10 (160W)

It was a very pleasant workout.


Sunday, March 19th: More low intensity stuff.  I slept like a log for another 10 hours.

Plan: 4 x 20′ / 1′ rest at 160W

This was the opposite of the Saturday workout.  It felt like hard work and my HR was very high.  I slowed down like a good boy and just ground out the meters.



Workout Summary - media/Import_29209848.csv

Workout Details

Here is the comparison of Saturday and Sunday.

It’s like I’m two completely different people.

Monday, March 20:  Back to work.  Back on a static erg.  Only about 6 hours of sleep.  I did about 90 minutes of emails before I hit the gym.

Plan: 3 x 20′ / 1′ rest at 160W (2:10)

This was very a nice easy coast.  I’m letting my rate float a bit higher these days and it makes for nice fluffy strokes.


Almost the same as the Saturday session.  My HR response was a bit better.

Tuesday, March 21: About 6 hours sleep.  2 hours of email and then hit the gym around 8am.  Feeling pretty energetic.

Plan: 3×20/1′ rest at 168W (2:08)

I decided to push the power up a bit since my HR was nice and low, and I decided on a HR cap strategy for these rows.  I will try to cap the first rep at 145, the second at 150 and the third at 155.  Seems like a reasonable allowance for drift.

Another good workout.  Higher HR with the faster pace, but a nice plateau in the last 20 minutes.  I feared I would have to slow down, but I didn’t.

Comparing Monday and Tuesday.

Wednesday, March 22:  Whew, we’re up to today.  6 hours of sleep.  90 minutes of email, then hit the gym at 8am.

Plan;  3 x 20′ / 1′ rest at 168W (2:08)

Same deal as Tuesday.  I’d like to see the HR plateau a bit lower before I ratchet up again.

I really enjoyed the workout.  Just nice easy strokes.  I can feel my aerobic endurance returning a bit (probably entirely in my head)

This was bit better than yesterday.

Now I am off to San Jose for an all day meeting on Thursday.  Fitness center triathlon for me tomorrow, then a red-eye tomorrow night.

I think this is a good change.  I could feel myself burning out.  By focusing on base aerobic endurance, I feel like I have more energy and I’m more focused at work.  I’m also sleeping well.


Sunday: 2 x 3o’ / 2′

Easy session to finish off the week.



Workout Summary - media/Import_29133954.csv

Workout Details

Comparison to mid-February

  • same power and rate.  Better HR today.

Saturday: 4 x 15 (6′ @ 5kp, 9′ @ mp) at the lake

It’s been a long winter and I haven’t seen my friends from the rowing club since late fall.  They have been doing erg sessions on Saturday mornings down at boathouse at the lake.  I had intended to go last weekend, but I wasn’t feeling to great on Friday night and bailed out.  I actually made it this weekend.

I did a normal marathon training session.  I kept pushing the power from the last session and I felt OK throughout.


Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 12.48.07 PM

Good session.  Comparison to the one on Tuesday.

More power / higher heart rates.

Today: 2×30’/2′ @ 175W


Friday: 30′ Recovery Session

I got home on the red eye and, to quote the Beatles, “Man, I had a dreadful flight”.  I slept about an hour after takeoff, but after that I just couldn’t get comfortable enough to sleep.

I drove home after landing, and slept for 90 minutes before I had to get on a conference call.  I continued from meeting to meeting for the rest of the day, until around 4pm.

I knew my wife would be getting home in a little while, so instead of doing a set session, I decided to “Just Row” at 175W until she got home.  That turned out to be 33 minutes.  Good enough to work out the kinks.



Workout Summary - media/Import_29111777.csv

Workout Details



Thursday: San Diego. Recovery Session

I’m here in San Diego, and one of the things I like about it is that there is nearly constant military air traffic in the area.  I had lunch outside and we had trouble carrying on a conversation because F/A-18s were tearing up the sky above us.  It’s a beautiful plane.

Back to training.

  • 20 minutes elliptical (level 15, rolling hills)
  • 20 minutes treadmill (15% grade, 3 mph)

I wanted something easy, and that’s what I got.