Five days, three workouts

March 23, Thursday:  I last posted on Wednesday of last week, with a monster journal entry.  Around 4:30, I headed off to the airport to catch a 6:30 flight to San Francisco.  I arrived around 11:00 pm and by the time I had picked up my car and driven down to San Jose, I didn’t get to bed until around 1am.  I needed to be on conference calls starting at 7am, so I decided to get a bit more sleep instead of working out.

I went to an all day conference, and then headed back to the airport to take a red eye home.

I guess you’d call it a rest day?

March 24, Friday:  I slept pretty badly on the plane.  I was crammed in coach in row 37 (almost all the way in the back), and felt pretty claustrophobic, I probably managed about 3 hours of sleep.

Working from home seemed to be the most intelligent thing to do, so I did.  I had meetings from 9am to 1pm.  At that point I jumped on the erg for an easy endurance session to work the kinks out.  With that little sleep, I had low expectations.

It was a pretty lousy workout, but I felt better after than before.


Later Friday evening, my wife and I took off for the cape.  It is a significant  understatement to say that I was really eager to go.

I slept like a log for ten hours Friday night.

March 25, Saturday:  I lazed around in the morning, and hung out with my wife in the afternoon.  There never seemed to be a good time to go workout, so I didn’t.  I felt a little guilty, but only a little.  This was a real rest day.

March 26, Sunday:  I slept another 10 hours.  I felt great when I woke up and I lazed around some more.  I was just sitting around doing crossword puzzles.  This was the view from the couch.

2017-03-26 09.35.03

Beautiful sunny day, but cold for this time of year.  Around 38F, with the water temp about the same.  I think I have about another month before I really want to do much open water rowing.

In the afternoon, I headed down to the basement and did an 80 minute session.  Getting started was frustrating.  First, I discovered that I had forgotten the strap for my Wahoo Tickr.  Then, I discovered that the battery in my Polar H7 had died.  So, I decided to go without a HR monitor.  Then I discovered that the batteries in the PM5 were dead, and I needed to steal batteries from a flashlight to replace them.  Finally after about 20 minutes of faffing around, I was finally ready to settle down.

I decided to do a 4×20′ session.  Since I didn’t have a HR monitor to keep me honest, I immediately decided to row faster, targeting 2:05 instead of 2:08.  It actually went really well.  I felt strong and relaxed through the whole workout.


The little peak at the end in the power curve was caused by me seeing that I was within striking distance of getting over 20km for the whole session, so I rowed the last 1 minute rest hard enough to roll it over.

March 27, Monday:  Back to the routine.  Up at 5:15.  Email until 7:15.  Hit the gym.  Today, I decided to do 2×30’/2′ rest @ 175W.  This was a bit slower than Sunday, but still faster than last week.  I was curious if the early morning or the 80 minute session from Sunday would cause me to push the HR to high.

Nope.  It was a good session.  HR plateaued nicely at 175W.  I think working it up to 180W over this week will be the plan.


Tomorrow:  2 x 40′ / 2′ (If I have time, otherwise another 2×30.

This pace of workouts is basically maintaining fitness, not improving it.  But my fatigue level is nice and low!

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 12.56.28 PM.png



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