Trapped in San Diego – 60 minutes in the Fitness Center

So, my flight to Boston last night was cancelled because of winter storm “Niko”.  A huge Nor’easter that is pummeling the northeastern United States.

(side note:  One of the main online weather services in the US, has taken to naming major storms, not just hurricanes.  I like it.  It solves a referencing problem and it’s fun to talk about storms by name…back to the narrative)

So, I am stuck in San Diego until my rescheduled depart, tonight around 9pm.  I had a conference call at 6am, so I was unable to go to Crossfit Del Mar today.  I was relegated to using the hotel fitness center.

I decided to just do 60 minutes of aerobic maintenance.

  • 30 minutes treadmill (15% grade, 3.1mph…slowed to 3.0 at about 20′, and then 2.9 at 26′ to keep HR below 145)
  • 30 minutes on the elliptical (rolling hills, level 14 of 25), HR cap < 155.



The treadmill felt like hard work, the elliptical felt easier, but my HR was a bit higher.

Tomorrow:  I arrive (hopefully) around 8 am.  I plan to work from home and get in a marathon plan workout.

M1 4 x 15′ / 4′ 6′ @ 5KP, 9′ @ MP 92.5% (172)