Tuesday: 30′ @ MP and skierg

Monday:  No training.  I flew out to San Jose, and headed straight into the office.  Straight from the office to a business dinner.  Back to hotel around 10pm.

Tuesday:  Early start, in the office at 7am to prep for big meeting.  Then lots of other meetings through the day.  My last meeting finished around 4pm and I decided to sneak out.  I went back to my hotel, threw on my workout clothes and ran over to Evolution Fitness in downtown San Jose.  I bought a day pass and hopped on an erg.  I had to be done, back to the hotel, showered, and in a cab in time for a 6pm business dinner.

Originally, I thought I had time to do a 2×30′ session, but as I was grinding away in the first 30 minutes, I was working out the timing and logistics of getting to my dinner on time and it was clear that I didn’t have that much time.  When I came into the gym, I notice a row of 4 nice new skiergs along a wall.  I decided that a I just finish up the first 30 minutes on the erg, and then give the skierg a try.

So 30 minutes at marathon pace, and then an exploratory session on the skierg.  The workout did not go very well.  It was hard work to sustain even the low end of the marathon pace band and my heart rate was way high.  It might have had something to do with not enough sleep, too much alcohol and way too much stress.  In any event, I was just glad to have had the chance to do a little training.

The skierg was quite an experience.  I just walked up to it, set the damper at 4, the PM to a 10 minute session and started pulling.  I started off at something like 38 SPM, and after a minute found that it was not even remotely sustainable.  I back off to 30 or so, and still redlined about 8 minutes into it.  My pace was incredibly slow, so I have to assume that my technique was crappy.  But it was an impressive workout.  It is full body like a rowing machine, but almost entirely the opposing muscles.  My shoulders, back and neck are all stiff today.


Workout Summary - media/20170125-0115190o.csv
Workout Details


Workout Summary - media/Import_28626041.csv
Workout Details


One thought on “Tuesday: 30′ @ MP and skierg

  1. sanderroosendaal says:

    In the double poling parts of the Nordic ski run I did last Sunday (https://www.strava.com/activities/840553024/analysis ) I was around 30spm. The second piece was 12 minutes with tailwind, crossing the lake about as fast as I would do it in my single. At the end I just wanted to lie down on the ice and rest, even though my heart rate was comfortable around 150bpm (which is easy steady state for me).
    On XC skis, you should use your body weight to help your arms and shoulders. Not sure if this is possible on the skierg. Ask Ivan (“balkanboy”), he skiergs regularly.


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