Friday: 2 x 45′ @ 170W

I need to get serious about rebuilding my aerobic base.  I’ve gotten into this hole many times before.  My training gets disrupted (in this case because of my knee injury and the then surgery), and when I return, I use the same pre-disruption power levels.  This ends up pushing my endurance workouts above their target zone.

The effect of this is that my ability to produce lactate increases and my ability to metabolize lactate decreases.  This is a very bad thing if I am planning to compete in a 3 to 4 hour race.  So, it’s time to reset my expectations and restart at a very low endurance training power.

I decided to try 170W, since my recent rows at 180W resulted in HRs way above my target.  I wasn’t sure how well I’d do because I was working on zero sleep (I just got home on  the red eye.)  It turned out to be a lovely row.