Sunday: 3 x 20′ @ mp / 10kp / hmp

This was a redo of the workout I did on Wednesday, but this time with lower power levels

  • 3 x 20′ intervals
  • Pace Targets:
    • 1st interval: Marathon Pace
    • 2nd Interval: 10K Pace
    • 3rd Interval: Half Marathon Pace
  • 2′ rest between pieces
  • HR Range: 80% to 90% of HRMax (149 to 168)


So, based on yesterday’s happy workout, I aimed 5 watts above the bottom of each pace range, so my targets were

  • Marathon Pace: 185W
  • 10K Pace: 215W
  • Half Marathon Pace: 200W

I stayed just below the HR limit in the second and third interval.


These to be just about right.  Challenging, HR coming close to the limit.