Monday: 3 x 5K/1′ rest

Not enough sleep on Sunday night, and I felt pretty tired going in to this session.  The whole point was to just do something and keep it easy.


  • 3 x 5k
  • first 5k, start slow and speed up over the first 2k.
  • second 5k hold roughly marathon pace (2:00)
  • third 5k, row to a 150 HR cap.
  • Stick with a lighter stroke rate, 22 spm for 2:00 pace

I had a hang up with painsled today.  I was rowing the session as distance intervals with 5000m and a 1 min rest.  Soon after I started the second interval, I noticed that painsled stopped updating, and so did my HR on the PM5.  I rowed out the rest of the second interval at a 2:00 pace and no idea about my HR.  It felt like I was above the cap for the last 5 minutes or so.

After I finished the second interval, I reset the PM, hooked everything up again, and setup a single 5k to finish off the workout.

The remarkable thing to me was that painsled managed to capture the first part of the workout, right up to where the hang happened.  I was impressed that it was able to recover as gracefully as it did.

The first chunk


The last interval, I played with pace to try to hold my HR right at 150.