Saturday: 4 x 15′ 5kp/mp step downs

Friday: I had a teleconference for work at 9pm that I actually needed to go to work to do.  The call lasted 90 minutes and then I had to do a couple of follow up calls.  I finally got home around 1 in the morning.  I decided to sleep in instead of getting up to row.

Saturday:  I went to row about 3 in the afternoon, after taking care of some errands and chores.  I wanted to try out the workout from Tuesday with the lower power targets.

  • 4 x 15′
  • 4′ rest
  • the first 6 minutes of each interval is rowed at your current 5k pace
  • the last 9 minutes of each interval are rowed at you current projected marathon pace
  • HR limit: 92.5% of HRMax (172)

Pace Targets:


Today, I would start off using 225W for the 5kp and 180W for the MP.  I decided I wanted a short warmup, so I decided to program the whole thing as a variable interval session on the PM.  I set it up as

  • 1000m / 2′ rest
  • 4 x 15′ / 4′ rest

I was able to boost up the power a bit.  Maybe because I do better in the afternoon, or maybe it’s a very fine line.  My HR never came close to the limit.


I am finding this workout to be very fascinating or looking at stroke metrics.  Here’s a whole lot of them.

So, I think I am at the right power now.  These workouts get tougher by going to 7′ at 5kp, then to 9′ at 5kp in each 15′ interval, so I won’t be trying to go faster.