Wednesday: 3 x 20′ @ mp/10kp/hmp

Wednesday’s workout was another one of the basic types from the Eddie Fletcher Marathon Plan.

  • 3 x 20′ intervals
  • Pace Targets:
    • 1st interval: Marathon Pace
    • 2nd Interval: 10K Pace
    • 3rd Interval: Half Marathon Pace
  • 2′ rest between pieces
  • HR Range: 80% to 90% of HRMax (149 to 168)

These pace targets are defined by the plan from estimated current 2k pace as follows:


Just like the step down workout from Tuesday, I aimed at the top end of the range and ignored the HR limits.  Again, I successfully completed the workout, but it was extremely difficult.  I had some kind of a hangup on painsled during the first 20 minute piece, so I didn’t get any data for that one beyond the picture from the PM.  Form that you can see that I held 199W (vs a target of 195W), and that my HR was about 82% of HRMax at the end of it.

The second and third intervals were extremely challenging.


I had an astonishing 11:45 with my heart rate above 95% of HRMax.  Looking back at it today, I have no idea why I didn’t quit, or at least slow down.

So, next time, I’ll be aiming at the bottom of the ranges.

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