Saturday: 4 x 20′ / 3′

I missed a couple of days of training.  On Thursday, I rented a truck, grabbed one of my sons and drove up to Marblehead to collect my father’s woodworking tools, plus a bunch of his old stuff.  The tools included a radial arm saw, a bandsaw and a drill press along with a whole bunch of hand held power tools.  Getting the bigger tools out of the basement was a significant strength workout.  It took about 6 hours to get the truck, drive up, load up and return home.  I had no time to train.

On Friday, I grabbed my other son and we drove the truck down to the house on Cape Cod.  We have a big section of unfinished basement and I going to set up a little workshop there.  We unloaded the truck and got everything placed approximately right.  Another strength session I guess.  Then home to Hopkinton, where I unloaded all the non-workshop stuff and then finally returned the truck.  This all took the better part of 8 hours, so I had no time or energy to train.

So this morning, I had to atone for this gap.  I wanted to try a Cat VI workout at a slightly faster pace (2:05 vs 2:06).  I wanted to see what happened with my HR.  The good news, it was a little higher, but plateaued nicely.

          Workout Summary - media/df_20171230-194635.csv
Workout Details

I connected PM3 to painsled over usb again.  This time I had a bunch of extraneous “session completed” messages while I rowed and my workout ended up in about 5 pieces.  Luckily I could glue it back together.  This problem combined with the problem with the HR monitor storing a ton of zero values makes this setup pretty impractical. I’m not sure which is the better solution for PM3, ergdata or painsled.  Both have issues.

But on the plus side, I reported my error messages on the PM5 to Concept2 and they are going to do a warranty replacement of it, even though the unit is well over a year old.  Gotta say, they seem to take good care of customer service issues when you talk to them.

Tomorrow:  I will do the session planned for today.

1 x 60’  (6 x 10’/1′)
Rest between: n/a only briefly to rehydrate
Rating/Pace: Shift every 3’ Cat III; SR 28+/7’ @ Cat VI; SR 18

  • Cat III Pace: 1:48
  • Cat VI Pace: 2:03 to 2:08


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