Wed / Thur / Fri: Remarkable luck, an erg in Taiwan.

I flew out of SFO to Taipei at 12:05AM on Wednesday morning.  This is a 13 1/2 hour flight and with the time change, arrives at 5:50AM on Thursday morning.  On the flight, I managed to sleep about 7 hours, watch a movie, do a few crossword puzzles and do some work.  I finally arrived at my hotel around 7:30AM.


I was being picked up to go to the office at 10:00, so I didn’t have enough time to sleep, but too much time to just shower and go to work, so I decided to go do a workout.  I was lucky that the plan called for an easy one today.

  • 3 x 20′ / 3′
  • Cat VI: Pace 2:06-2:11, Rate: 18

The fitness center has a pristine looking Model C.  It took me a couple minutes to remember how to use the old style PM, but the drag factor was good.  The handle return shock cord was a bit slack, but for this workout it didn’t matter at all.

I was expecting to under perform, but it turned out to be a good workout.



It was one of those workouts where I felt better afterwards than I did before.  The rest of the day was sequence of meetings, more meetings, receptions, and a formal dinner for 200 people.  The best thing about the dinner was that it took place in my hotel, so I walked to the elevator, went up to my room and I was asleep by 9pm.


I woke up before my alarm, around 4:30.  I tried to get back to sleep, but gave up just after 5am.  I did my PT exercises, and headed to the gym about 5:45.  Today’s workout was a bit more challenging.

  • 45′
  • Cat VI Pace: 2:06-2:11, Rate: 18
  • Every 5′ – 20 strokes Cat I – Pace: <2:40, Rate: >32

I had a few obstacles today.  First, I felt tired.  Second, the erg was tough to rate up on because of the shock cord.  Third, the gym was hot and humid.  I guess they don’t turn on the AC until after 6am.

Anyway, I struggled to hold the Cat VI paces after a few on the power 20s, and ultimately failed after 6 of them.  I stopped for a quick drink and paddled that section more slowly.  That restored me enough to do the last couple.

You can see the sky high heart rates and slow HR recoveries in the chart.



There were impressive puddles of sweat under the machine when I finished and I was really tired.  From there, I was on calls and in meetings until I went to the airport at 7pm.  I’m looking forward to getting some sleep on  the flight.  I’m sore all over.

I arrive home at 7am on Saturday morning.  The workout plan for the weekend calls for

  • Saturday: 6 x (5′ @ 28, 5′ @ 18)
  • Sunday: Hour of Power – r22, Pace: < 2:00.

I think I will swap the two workouts and do the harder one on Sunday.