Wednesday: 3 x (5 x 500m / 1′) / 5′

I was pretty excited to give this workout a try.

  • 3 sets of (5 x 500m)
  • Rest between: 1’ between each 500m
  • 5’ between each set
  • Rating/Pace: Cat IV: SR 24  <– 1:52

It should have been quite doable and it was.  I had a bit extra left over to put some extra grunt into the last rep of the last two sets, trying to keep the rate at 24.

To make the interval setup easy, I just did it as 500m work and 1′ rest.  After each 5 hard 500s, I paddled a 500 really slowly, aiming at a 3′ time.  That plus the 1′ before and after gave me a 5 minute break.  Since I would dissect the intervals in rowsandall afterward, it worked out fine.

Today, I was using a PM3 with painsled via the usb connection.  I was using the OH1 HR sensor connected to the iphone.  Painsled seemed a bit unhappy about this and the HR display on the phone danced between the correct reading and 0.  As it turns out, that’s also what it logged in the data, so the time in zone data is useless, but you can get the picture from the plot.

There was also a weird occurrence during my warmup.  I did 2k with 10 stroke bumps at my target pace every 500m.  After my second bump, painsled popped up the completing session message, and then kept going.  In the log, there were two files, one for each half of my warmup. No problem, I glued the two pieces of the warmup and the mainset together in rowsandall before doing the plots.

          Workout Summary - media/20171227-2016050o.csv
Workout Details

It was a reasonably hard session, but definitely not over the top.  I enjoyed it.

Tomorrow:  I am going up to Marblehead to collect my father’s set of woodworking tools.  I plan to move them down to the house on the cape and set up a little workshop in the basement (near the erg!).  If I have time in the afternoon, the planned session is a 4 x 20/3′ at r18.  My new pace range for these is 2:03 to 2:08.  I think I will push from 2:06 to 2:05 as my target.