Sunday: rest, Monday: 6 x (5′ @ 28, 5′ @ 18)

Sunday:  I intended to workout, but I slept in late, ran lots of errands, and set up the Christmas tree.

Monday:  Up at 5:15.  In the gym at 6:45.

          Workout Summary - media/20171211-1315300o.csv
Workout Details

That was a bitch!

Tomorrow: 4 x 12′ at 2:01/r22

5 thoughts on “Sunday: rest, Monday: 6 x (5′ @ 28, 5′ @ 18)

    • gregsmith01748 says:

      The 28 to 18 transitions are brutal. At the end of the 5 minutes, every fiber in your body wants to stop rowing. The first couple of strokes I had to let the split go. I tried to be under 2:11 by the end of the first minute. As I got into the second half of the workout, I was only feeling OK in the last minute or so of the r18 section, and I was really taxed from about 30 seconds into the r28 section.

      I’m not sure I understand the theory behind this workout, but it sure builds character.

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  1. Ivan says:

    The other day I wanted to try that workout for novelty, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. It’s a lot of time ‘in the zone’ and the r18 pieces also seem stiff. How’s your recovery after it?

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    • gregsmith01748 says:

      It’s the hardest workout of the week. The r18 paces are basically a reasonable endurance pace and it’s hard to hold them as you get deep into the workout. I felt pretty drained through the rest of the day and I was glad I had an easier workout to do this morning.


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