4 x 20′ / 1′ + 2 x 1’/1′

Same session as yesterday.  Same rules.

  • 4 x 20′ / 1′ rests
  • rate: 19-20
  • power target: 180W
  • HR limit: 145 after 20′, 150 after 40′, 155 after 60′

I felt great in this session.  My stroke felt stronger everything just felt easier.  Not sure why, but I sure liked it.

       Workout Summary - media/20171105-1840300o.csv
Workout Details

I was under my HR limit after 40′, so I nudged the power up just a couple of watts.  My HR stayed nice and low through the third piece.  So, in the last piece, nudged it up more for the first 10 minutes of so, and my HR was still ice and low, so I decided to push even harder to see what it would take to get up to the 155 HR limit.  I needed to hold about 195 watts to slowly get up to the limit by the end.

I am more than ever convinced that I need to start low and push up over a session.  Some people are able to start hard, and then ease off.  That never seems to work for me.  I will stick with 182W as a starting power, and stick with that through the first 40 minutes.  If I am well under the cap, I will push harder in the second half.

After I finished the main course, I had some dessert.

2017-11-05 13.44.59

I went all out in the first one, but with low drag and tired legs.  I expect that I could squeeze out a bit more distance if I did it fresh and set myself up for a proper sprint.  Considering my best 500m was 1:28.4, I hope I can improve this as I go along.

Tomorrow:  Another base builder session.

3 thoughts on “4 x 20′ / 1′ + 2 x 1’/1′

    • Ivan says:

      I think that a few bursts at ANP intensity during the LIT session can be useful from time to time. Theory is that you provide stimulation to the fast twitch fibers. Particularly during the base building period, or if you can’t squeeze a dedicated ANP workout in your program.
      I prefer to put it in the middle of an L4 workout, instead at the end. I do 3×10 strokes on / 10 strokes off at the end of every 20′. When I do it correctly, it only affects the overall average HR by a few beats.

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