A fitness center sprint Tri…3×15′

I landed in Korea about 9:30 last night and I was in bed by 11:30pm.  I didn’t sleep much on the flight over, maybe 2 hours between Boston and Tokyo and another hour or so between Tokyo and Seoul.

I got bored sitting around Narita, so I went for a walk.  I walked the whole terminal, it took about 40 minutes and it was a much better way to waste time than surfing the web.

So, from a training perspective:

Monday: 40 minute walk (with rollerboard suitcase dragging behind)

Tuesday:  I woke up at 6am.  My legs were sore from Sunday’s run, and I was feel jetlagged and tired.  But I suited up and headed down to the gym.  I was getting picked up at 8am, so I had a little bit less than an hour.

My plan:

  • 15 minutes, stationary bike, easy, rolling hills
  • 15 minutes, max incline treadmill, 15% grade, speed set to stay in UT1 zone
  • 15 minutes, elliptical, short intervals (1’15” on/1’15” off), around the top of the UT1 zone.
  • enough time to clean equipment between 15′ pieces.



Well that worked out just fine.  The bike was hard.  My thighs and legs were complaining loudly, but my HR was not going up.  I guess that’s from the run.

Tomorrow morning, I have more time.  I will probably do a 3 x 20′ and some strength training.

Then I head out to the airport for a 1:35 departure for home.

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