Better than nothing! 3 x 20′ / 1′ rest

Easy day today.   Early meetings, so no time for OTW.  I planned 3×20′, and I decided to go very easy at the beginning.  I did the first 20′ at 165W, then ramped it up to 175W, and then rowed to a HR cap of 155.

I started to exceed the cap towards the end, but a couple of big belches kept me in the proper HR zone.  Amazing how that works.  It’s usually worth about 3 to 5 bpm. 🙂


Weather forecast is lousy for tomorrow morning.  45F and 99% chance of rain.  So I guess I’m inside again tomorrow.  I have a bit more time, so I think I’ll do 4×20′ with a HR cap at 155.