I’m not complaining, but….

…my occupation seems  to be be getting in the way of taking a disciplined approach to training.

I was planning to do 80 minutes of endurance work this morning, but getting through email took longer than planned, and I needed to keep it to 60 minutes.

Since I was bored, I decided to change up the workout a little.  I decided to do power ladders.

Here’s my revised plan.

  • 3 x 5000m intervals
  • 1 minute rests.
  • break each 5K into 5 1K pieces
  • first 5K: 160W, 165W, 170W, 175W, 180W
  • second 5K: 165W, 170W, 175W, 180W, 185W
  • third 5K: 170W, 175W, 180W, 185W, 190W

Based on yesterday, i figured that 175W was a good UT1 power, so this workout would start out pretty easy and push a bit beyond aerobic for the last 2K or so.

Of course, since I was in a rush, ergdata decided to hangup within 5 minutes of starting.  Now I’m wise to it’s tricks, so I had started the wahoo app to collect HR data as a backup, so I just kept going.


The time passed very quickly and I had fun doing it.  And I made it to my first meeting just on time.

Tomorrow:  I’m really tired.  I’m not sure what I’ll do.  Probably an erg session in the afternoon.