A little bit of speed

Note:  Just realized that I never posed this workout. I had a draft written and never published it.

I had an 8 am meeting today, so not enough time for OTW.  I was sick of slow and steady sessions so I decided to dip a toe back into an easy speed session.

8 x 500 / 2 min rest.

Target was to do a couple 500s as warm up and that start at 1:50 and do each one faster than the last.

It was fun, and it helped me calibrate what a reasonable pace would be for this session.

For some reason, nothing was working in terms of electronics.

I set up in erg data and it hung up in the 4th interval.  Then I setup in pain sled and that hung up after 2 intervals.  At that point, I just kept going without capturing any data.  Kind of disappointing.

Here are the first four intervals.  The first two were warm ups.  Then:

target actual

  • 1:50, 1:49.9
  • 1:49, 1:48.7

Then I reset the workout and continued.  I think I cheated myself out of a little rest.

  • 1:48, 1:47.5
  • 1:47, 1:46.5
  • 1:46, 1:45.5
  • 1:45, 1:44.6 (slipped a tenth!)
  • 1:44, 1:43.3 (got it back with interest)
  • 1:43, 1:37.9 (The irresitable lure of the faster last!)
  • Then a “cool down” rep.  It turns out I wasn’t in the mood to cool down.

So, I think aiming at 1:45 for all reps would be totally reasonable.