Sunday: Fitness Center 2 x 30′ easy

Saturday was a travel day.  No Training.

In Korea.  At the Sheraton.  A really beautiful hotel.

Plan for today was to just work out the kinks from the flight and get adjusted to my new time zone.

30 minutes inclined march (15% grade, 3mph)

30 minutes stationary bike (rolling hills, level 14 of 25)

Heart rate cap at 150.  I ended up up lower than that.



Tomorrow:  I will try to do a version of the 5kp,mp step down workout.

  • 4 x 15′ / 4′ rest
  • 6′ at 5KP / 9′ at MP

I think I will try to do this on a treadmill with 15% grade.  The 6′ at 4.5mph and the 9′ at 3mph.  I will see how my HR responds to that and adjust so that the 6′ blocks are pushing HRs in the high 160s by the end and the 9′ blocks bring it down into the low 150s.


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