3 x 20′ / 1′ rest @ r20 plus rowpro experiment

Last night I downloaded the new version Rowpro.  I used to use it a lot on my machine at home, but since upgrading the PM5 and the release of ergdata and especially PainSled, I haven’t.  Rowpro still provides an unmatched ability to row online with other people in different places, and since their is a pretty big user base for it, I thought I should give it another try.

RowPro5 is the first release that supports macOS, so I decided to download and try that one.  It doesn’t seem like the mac version is very mature.  It worked, but the UI seems incomplete.  For example, I could not find a way to save the strokes from my row, or to export the row as a CSV file the way I did on the old windows version.  That made it pretty useless to me.

I did a quick 5 x 250m / 0:30 rest session as a test.  Here is the rowpro report that it generated.

One interesting thing about rowpro is that it connects to the PM by the USB port.  You can, in parallel connect the PM to ergdata or painsled and use that at the same time.  Why would you do that, you might ask?  I have a few good reasons.

  1.  You want to see all the cool stroke data that you get from ergdata like drive length or peak force
  2. You want to watch to cool accumulating force curve in painsled
  3. You are paranoid about using rowpro because if you get interrupted for any reason, you tend to lose all of the data from your row.

After I did the row, I remembered the way that rowpro does intervals.  It sets each interval and each rest as a completely separate row on the PM.  This allows the statistics to be accurate for each interval, but it has two negative effects.  First, the PM has lots of little rows so it’s hard to see what you were doing.  The second effect only matters if you are using rowpro with ergdata or painsled.  You get the same plethora of files as you do on the PM.

Anyway, I’m going to try to figure out how to export rows from the mac version, but I think I will only use rowpro for continuous rows, and probably only if I am going to row online.  It’s too much hassle to get it all setup for no real additional benefit.

After that as a warmup, I went on to do the intended workout of the day.  I was originally planning of a 4 x 20′ session, but I did nearly 10 minutes of rowing as part of my experiment, so I cut back to 3 20′ intervals.

I had originally planned to try to row to a HR cap of 150, but my HR shot up so fast, and at such low power, that I decided to be satisfied to stay under 155.  Sticking to 155 required my to row at a pretty low power, but at least I found an intensity that managed the HR drift.


Workout Summary - media/20170110-1305060o.csv
Workout Details

HR drift today:

  • 2nd Interval–>  174.9/152.3
  • 3rd Interval –> 173.1/153.8
  • 2% (versus 6.5% yesterday)

Time for some patient work to build up my aerobic base.

Tomorrow:  Slow HM, HR cap of 155.

2 thoughts on “3 x 20′ / 1′ rest @ r20 plus rowpro experiment

  1. stelph82 says:

    Have you both seen the beta app for Garmin which connects to the PM5? Haven’t tried it yet as I don’t have a pm5 but would add another backup of data again which is always nice, plus garmin connect is a nice “baseline” recording for data I find even if it’s not that great for additional analysis

    Btw Greg have you got the empower gates now? Assume it’s all frozen over there so you can’t row st the moment? Some of the gates have started to trickle to the market here so hope to get my hands on one for a test although need to get the delivery of the upgraded fluid gates first


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