Wednesday: More HIIT, today on the treadmill

I’m liking this stuff.  Today, I decided to try to use the treadmill.

So, I set it up for a 15% grade and started walking at a nice gentle 2.5mph pace.  After 4:20, I turned up the speed.  The first interval I got up to 6.2mph, and sprinted until the next minute turned over.  I got just over 30 seconds of sprinting at speed, and then I hopped off the belt to the sides and turned the speed back down.   Then I’d walk it off for the next 4 minutes.  I boosted up the speed a bit on each of the sprints.  The surprising thing was that my sprinting economy improved through the session, so I found it easier later on even though I was up to 7.4mph by the last interval.

Overall it was a bit easier from an aerobic perspective than yesterday, but a hell of a lot more fun.


Tomorrow:  I have a 7:50AM flight from LAX to Boston, so I need to leave the hotel before 6am.  I get home around 6pm, so probably no training.


2 thoughts on “Wednesday: More HIIT, today on the treadmill

    • gregsmith01748 says:

      I’ve spent time discussing my travel plans with her and she designed this block for January knowing that the last couple of weeks would be travel weeks. The main difference is to push the next round of testing out to the end of February. She gave me her general advice for training on the road. Put a priority on sleep, don’t look at travel days as rest days, find an erg when you can and in general go light. I haven’t had a chance to discuss this HIIT idea with her.

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