Tough Session: 4 x (3′ @ 28 + 7′ @ 18)/1′ rest

I thought this would be a challenge. and it was.  I also think that I was not in my best form.  Not sure why, maybe I’m fighting off a little bug or something.

The original plan was for 6 intervals.  I was so done in that I gave up during the fifth one.  It was still really hard!

The Plan:

  • 6 x (3′ @ 28, 7′ @ 18) / 1′ rest
  • r28 section: Cat III, pace 1:48.
  • r18 section: Cat VI, pace: 2:03 to 2:08

This was my first attempt at this workout with my new faster pace guidelines.  Marlene shortened the r28 sections from 5′ to 3′ to make it a bit more doable, and I think it should have been, but I was really struggling from the first interval.  My HR took a long time to recover and plateaued higher each time.


warmup:  Rowed at 2:06-ish and 10 stroke bursts trying to get r28 and 1:48 dialed in.  I was not doing very well.

2017-12-31 12.42.20

Then the main event

Next time I will try to get all 6 done.  I think on another day, it would have worked out.

Tonight:  New Year’s Festivities!

Tomorrow:  Atonement…4×20′ / 3′ Cat VI (r18, 2:05)