Wednesday: More HIIT, today on the treadmill

I’m liking this stuff.  Today, I decided to try to use the treadmill.

So, I set it up for a 15% grade and started walking at a nice gentle 2.5mph pace.  After 4:20, I turned up the speed.  The first interval I got up to 6.2mph, and sprinted until the next minute turned over.  I got just over 30 seconds of sprinting at speed, and then I hopped off the belt to the sides and turned the speed back down.   Then I’d walk it off for the next 4 minutes.  I boosted up the speed a bit on each of the sprints.  The surprising thing was that my sprinting economy improved through the session, so I found it easier later on even though I was up to 7.4mph by the last interval.

Overall it was a bit easier from an aerobic perspective than yesterday, but a hell of a lot more fun.


Tomorrow:  I have a 7:50AM flight from LAX to Boston, so I need to leave the hotel before 6am.  I get home around 6pm, so probably no training.