The morning after: 3 x 20′ / 3′

The original plan was for 4×20, but I ran out of time before my first meeting of the day.  Frankly, I was glad.  Every stroke was a struggle today.  Chalk that up to a short turn around time from yesterday to today (14 hours), and a very crappy night’s sleep.

Anyway, HR was under control, but this session was pretty tough work.


Workout Summary - media/20180108-1330320o.csv
Workout Details

2018-01-08 08.28.46

Tomorrow:  10 x 500 / 2′

  • Cat V – 1:58/r22
  • Rests as Cat VI, 2:05/r18


Brutal: 6 x (3′ @ 28, 7′ @ 18) / 1′

I spent most of Sunday trying to avoid doing this workout.  It was a good thing, really.  I got some good work done on a presentation I need to get ready, I shoveled the walk to the front door, and I think I did at least two crossword puzzles.

But finally, around 4, I mustered  the courage to go down  to the basement and confront my demon.  I blew up last weekend on this workout, and I’ve failed at it even before my target paces got faster.  Today, I really wanted to make it through, and I was going to try to be as careful as possible to maximize my chances.

The plan:

  • 6 x ( 3′ @ 28, 7′ @ 18) / 1′ rest
  • r28: Cat III, Pace target: 1:48
  • r18: Cat VI, Pace Target: 2:05
  • The goal is smoothly transition from the r28 to r18 sections over a few strokes

I decided that it would be OK if I wanted to underrate the r28 sections by a little, if it helped me hit the target pace and felt a bit more comfortable.

I did my PT exercises.

I did a 2k warmup with 20 stroke bursts at target pace and rate.

Workout Summary - media/20180107-2131090o.csv
Workout Details

I was doing this warmup with 10 stroke bursts and I think it’s better to do it with 20s.  I was a bit more winded at the end, but I felt a lot looser.

I had a drink of water, and went through the labor of setting up the PM for variable intervals, and off I went.

The 3′ of hard rowing wasn’t so bad in the first couple of intervals, but the rate of recovery while rowing at 2:05 was quite slow.  The first couple of minutes of each r18 section was a real battle to stick to the rate and pace.  The r28 sections always felt great in the first minute, tough in the second and brutal in the third.

I was pretty happy to make it through the fifth interval, since I blew up a minute into it last time.  But, by the end of the 7′ section of  the 5th one, I felt like I didn’t have the oomph to do the last one.  I decided that I would give myself a bit of a break and do it at as Cat IV (r24 and 1:52).  When I got going, I felt a bit stronger than that and I ended up at r26 and a bit faster than 1:50.

That was a good workout.  I felt it the rest of the day in my legs and lungs.

Monday:  4 x 20′ / 3′ Cat VI.