Tuesday: 10 x 500 / 2′ – Cat V

Well, I have my new paces.  And a new workout to try them out with.

The description was pretty simple.

Session: 10 x 500m
Rest between: 2’
Rating/Pace: Cat V: SR 22-23
Notes: Medium tempo session. Use the faster end of your Cat V split. Focus on posture, firm core, chin level, breathing.

So, the pace target was 1:58.  This seemed pretty easy to me, so I decided to do the 2′ rests as Cat VI.  This was a bit of a challenge since I didn’t get any feedback on pace or rate.  As it turned out, my sense of rate and pace is pretty good because I took a total of 354 strokes during the 20 minutes of rest, so 17.7spm.  And I did 4661 meters over 20 minutes for a pace of 2:08.7.

Because of the way that the PM3 records strokes in ergdata, the plots are weird.  The total distance and heart rate are right, but the power, pace and rate are only accurate during the work intervals

From now on, I will setup this workout as variable intervals and record the rests as if they were work sections.

Tomorrow:  Another new session.

  • 3 sets of (5 x 500m)
  • Rest between: 1’ between each 500m
  • 5’ between each set
  • Rating/Pace: Cat IV: SR 24 <– 1:52


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