Tuesday: Another shot at the February CTC

Sunday:  Flew home from Korea via Detriot.  21 hours door to door.  Didn’t sleep at all and was wedged into a coach seat the whole way.  Arrived home at 3pm.  No training.

Monday:  Slept in to try to make up for the lost night of sleep.  No training

Tuesday:  Woke up at 5:15am and felt pretty tired.  Dragged myself to work and after an hour of email, went down to the gym.  The goal for the day was to make another attempt at the February Cross Team Challenge and get all the rowing data onto rowsandall so we could try out some cool new team functionality.

But, I have to admit that I was not feeling too good about doing a hard workout.

I set up a 10 minute warmup.  I rowed a minute nice and gently, then I worked as 30 seconds on / 30 seconds off.  For the Ons, I did a rate ladder starting at 20spm, and going up by 2 spm in each one until I got up to 30 spm.  I’m sure the data would have looked really cool.  But, we’ll never know because painsled hung again about 6 minutes into the row and stopped storing data.  😦


I felt a bit better as I went along, but I was still not optimistic about the session.  I bailed on using painsled and reverted to using ergdata, and got myself setup.

Last time I did the CTC, I did it at 24 spm.  This time I figured somewhere between 26 and 28.  As for splits, I was thinking I wanted to improve on the 1:49.1 pace in Taiwan, so maybe around 1:47.

As soon as I started the first interval, I settled into a much faster pace.  I was worried that I would flame out in the later reps, but I just went with it anyway.


Workout Summary - media/Import_28998017.csv
Workout Details

After the second rep, I decided to try to aim at 1:45.  I managed to stay under it except for the 7th rep, where I struggled a bit.  Not a full blown crisis, but I coasted in the last few strokes to give myself a bit of a longer rest.

This was a big improvement and I’m very pleased with it.

Tomorrow:  2 x 40′ / 4′ rest






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