Wednesday: 4 x 20’/ 1′ L4

Legs felt a bit heavy this morning.  I guess I should expect it on the morning after an afternoon session.  I have come to believe strongly that the primary way to improve my racing fitness is by doing as many aerobic meters as I can, and do them at an intensity that allows me to push high intensity sessions very, very hard.

My HR and lactates have been nice and low for the past couple of steady state sessions, so I pushed up the stroke count, but just a little.

Today, I just repeated the same 10′ sequence 8 times.


It has been great having the stroke rate to focus on.  I was right on rate target and 4W ahead on power.  HR was a bit higher and it felt a lot harder in the last 40 minutes.  I was working hard.  And I think the intensity was just about right.  My lactates were 1.8mmol/l at 60 minutes.


Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 8.55.01 AM

Tomorrow: The training plan calls for a 60′ Threshold session, but I gotta say, after my triumph last weekend, I have no desire to do another hard 60 minutes, and I am warming up for an assault on my 10K PB this weekend.

So, I want a fair amount of intensity, but not destroy me.  The obvious answer, another interval format L3.  Back to my favorite…15 x 3′ / 1′ rest.  Last time for this workout, my pace was 1:51.  This week, I think I target 1:50 at 28 spm for all intervals.

Tuesday PM: 30′ L4

I’m really liking this L4 thing.  It’s giving me something to think about instead of just bashing my head against constant power steady state sessions.  I think it is also good to have the rate changes to force me to think about technique as I go along.

This was just an easy session.  I repeated the same 6 minute sequence 5 times.


Stroke count was right (to the resolution of the PM) and I was about 6 watts ahead of the target power.  I should probably get back on the power target and push the rate up a notch.


HR was nice and low through the session.  I don’t bother doing lactates for the 30 minutes sessions.

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 9.19.12 AM