My least favorite thing to think about: Nutrition

Sander posted a comment on yesterday’s post that referred to a very good article on nutrition from world rowing.  I really appreciated the advice, and  wanted to make sure I could refer to it in the future, so I’m linking to it here.

Fueling the Sponge

I have made slight changes to the way that I eat to try to improve performance.  The biggest was doing endurance sessions in a fasted state because of some stuff I read that high blood sugar levels would lead to preferential use of CHO metabolism versus fat metabolism. Essentially it would push the cross over point between CHO and Fat metabolism to a lower training power, and potentially higher lactate levels for a specific power.

Beyond that, I try to eat a reasonably healthy diet, but I really like some stuff that is bad for me.  Sweets, red meat, salt  all the bad stuff.

I’ve read some material about very low carbohydrate diets and “Fat Fueled athletes”, but they seem to be a bit too much of a lifestyle commitment for me.

This is an area that is rich in controversy and replete with opinions, both informed and uninformed.  But this article seems simple and reasonable.