Friday: 4 x 20′ / 1′ rest – L4

The most interesting part of this workout was listening to the Boradway Cast Recording of the new musical Hamilton.  Which is the most awesome collection of music that I have experienced in twenty years.  It’s amazing.  Basically a hip-hop interpretation of the biography of of of America’s founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton.  It is really more of an opera than a standard musical.  Almost the whole thing is sung, so you can follow the plot completely from the songs.  And the songs are remarkable.  The hip-hop rap form provides a perfect vehicle to deliver plot and express conflict.  Really just incredible.

The row was fine.  HR was a bit higher than yesterday, and the lactates were up a smidge as well at 1.9mmol/l.  Still in the right range, but right up against the top limit.

The rate plan was exactly the same as Wednesday.


I was right on target for rates, and slightly lower power than Wednesday, putting me closer to target for that too.  I would have hoped for lower HR, lactate and RPE because of that, but I think I’m showing the training load.


The HR chart shows the ups and downs following the power.  Most of the drift happened between the 20 minute and 40 minute mark, with a plateau from there to the end.

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 10.58.32 AM

Tomorrow:  10K threshold.  Target pace 1:49.5