Thursday: 10 x 3′ / 1′ rest – Not my best work

The original plan was for 15 reps at 1:50.  I pushed through the first 10 reps a little bit ahead of target, but I was digging deeper than I wanted to right from the start.  I wasn’t feeling all that great, I was have some digestion issues and frankly, I was in a pretty crappy mood as well.  Anyway, it all added together and I had an “aw screw this” moment after the 10th rep.  I took an extra minute of rest and then tried to get back on track.  But less than a minute into the 11th rep, I gave up on it.

So, I’m disappointed in myself for bailing instead of finishing the session at a slower pace.   But, it’s just a single workout and I was pretty obviously working hard.  Tomorrow is another day.  I was physically shattered afterward.  I sat on a bench in the locker room for about 10 minutes with a towel over my head waiting to feel better.

12-17Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 1.07.33 PM

Tomorrow:  4 x 20′ / 1′ rest Lazy Man’s L4.

Saturday:  10K threshold.  I should be able to beat my PB.  My PB is 36:33, which is a 1:49.7.  Using the Free Spirits Pace Predictor and plugging in my HM and 60′ results, I get a predicted time of 36:23 (1:49.2 pace).  So, it will be close, but possible.  It also predicts that I could do 8325m for 30′, which would also be a nice improvement over my current 8266m PB.  I guess that could be a project for next week.

This week is also the final week of my Long Threshold mesocycle.  Next week I move to the long interval mesocycle, mainly at 6K pace or faster for the HIT workouts.  So far, the plan is working.  My long distance times have never been better.  I should really try to find the time and grit to do a FM.  I’d probably do pretty well on that too.