Tuesday: Waterfall 3K/2.5K/2K

First workout of mesocycle #2.  The target of this mesocycle is long interval work.  Here’s the definition of the workout types from the Seiler lecture.  I just finished the yellow block.  Now I am going into the orange block.

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 4.41.47 PM

In the Seiler Lecture, these were just 4 x 8min intervals.  Since I am easily bored and want a bit more variety in my life, I will be going through different middle distance intervals, like the Wolverine Plan L2s and also including some middle distance time trials, generally on Saturday’s.

So today was the “waterfall”, a classic L2 workout.  3K / 2.5K / 2K with 5 minute rests between.  Since I haven’t been doing much work at paces faster than 1:50, I wasn’t sure how it would go.  My default starting point for L2 workouts is usually 1:50 pace, but since my long distance work has been going pretty well, I thought I could push it a bit.  So I picked a pace target of 1:48.

This turned out to be right at my limit right now.  I was hurting at the end of the second and third interval, but I held onto the pace and counted out the strokes.

(note on the workout setup:  I did this workout in RowPro by defining a variable interval session.  It included

  • 2000 moderate warmup
  • 100 second stop
  • 3000 hard
  • 1000 easy
  • 2500 hard
  • 1000 easy
  • 2000 hard
  • 100 second stop
  • 2000 easy (cool down)

This produces a stroke file that is essentially on continuous 13500m row.  This stroke file can be parsed by the amazing danburpee workbook)

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 12.32.00 PMScreen Shot 2015-12-22 at 12.31.39 PM

Workout Summary – Dec 22, 2015
–_|_13500_|_53:14.9_|_01:58.3_|_211.2_|_23.3_|_154.5_|_ 78.3% _|_10.9_|_09.1
Workout Details

01_|_02000_|_08:02.9_|_02:00.7_|_198.9_|_20.7_|_128.9_|_ 60.2% _|_12.0_|_09.6
02_|_03000_|_10:47.0_|_01:47.8_|_279.2_|_26.0_|_161.6_|_ 83.4% _|_10.7_|_10.8
03_|_01000_|_04:46.6_|_02:23.3_|_118.9_|_19.9_|_129.9_|_ 60.9% _|_10.5_|_06.0
04_|_02500_|_08:59.0_|_01:47.8_|_279.4_|_26.6_|_169.7_|_ 89.2% _|_10.5_|_10.5
05_|_01000_|_04:59.0_|_02:29.5_|_104.8_|_18.7_|_138.0_|_ 66.7% _|_10.8_|_05.6
06_|_02000_|_07:10.6_|_01:47.7_|_280.5_|_27.3_|_172.2_|_ 90.9% _|_10.2_|_10.3
07_|_02000_|_08:29.8_|_02:07.4_|_169.1_|_20.2_|_148.6_|_ 74.2% _|_11.6_|_08.4

Other Meters_|_06000_|_26:18.3_|_2:11.5__|_118.3_|_20.0_|_137.2_|_11.4

So, I hit the target and I worked hard.  Mission accomplished.

Tomorrow:  4 x 20′ / 1′ rest