Friday: 4×20’/1’r on the erg

Back from Dallas.  Home around 1pm.  Got straight on the erg for an easy session.

Target: r19, 195W

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 3.25.33 PM Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 3.25.51 PM

Workout Summary – May 29, 2015
–_|_20252_|_84:00.0_|_02:04.4_|_181.7_|_19.3_|_132.5_|_ 62.8% _|_12.5_|_09.4

Workout Details

01_|_04953_|_20:00.0_|_02:01.1_|_196.8_|_19.6_|_095.5_|_ 36.6% _|_12.7_|_10.1
02_|_00059_|_01:00.0_|_08:24.4_|_002.7_|_05.0_|_131.8_|_ 62.3% _|_11.9_|_00.5
03_|_04949_|_20:00.0_|_02:01.2_|_196.4_|_19.5_|_139.5_|_ 67.8% _|_12.7_|_10.1
04_|_00070_|_01:00.0_|_07:08.5_|_004.4_|_06.0_|_133.7_|_ 63.6% _|_11.7_|_00.7
05_|_04950_|_20:00.0_|_02:01.2_|_196.6_|_20.2_|_143.5_|_ 70.6% _|_12.3_|_09.7
06_|_00070_|_01:00.0_|_07:06.7_|_004.5_|_06.0_|_139.8_|_ 68.0% _|_11.7_|_00.8
07_|_05200_|_21:00.0_|_02:01.1_|_196.8_|_19.9_|_150.0_|_ 75.2% _|_12.5_|_09.9

Felt like stroking a bit lighter today, so the rate was closer to r20.  It was a bit humid and hot, so despite starting with a really nice low HR through the first couple pieces, it started to climb and kept going in the last 2.  Very easy session though.

I’m getting annoyed about how intermittent the HR monitor is at the beginning of the sessions.

3 thoughts on “Friday: 4×20’/1’r on the erg

  1. Boris says:

    Just to let you know… The Wahoo TICKR, which I’m using instead of the Polar H7 since more than one month, works like a charm. No dropouts/peaks at the beginning, which I had sometimes with the H7 (even with a new battery).


      • Boris says:

        The Polar softstrap strap, which I found more comfortable the than the wahoo strap, does work with the TICKR. Around the the both attachment buttons there’s a black plastic ring which is higher than the button – this make it difficult/impossible for the wahoo TICKR to get attached.

        Take a nail scissor and cut off a little bit of this plastic ring around the button – it takes 1′ and is really simple.


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