Steady State – windy

Conditions:  Cold.  43F, windy, gusty wind 10-15mph from the North.  This was a head wind going downriver and a tail wind coming back.


  1. Steady state
  2. Rate: 18-20
  3. Pace: ~2:30
  4. HR limit 150
  5. Work on minimizing lean back at low rates with crisp finishes

Well, it didn’t work out as planned.  I was doing fine until I was about 1600m into it.  At that point I had to stop and then swing wide to avoid 4 boats from Brandeis.  They called out to me and said they were running drills.  As pulled up toward the lead boat, they started rowing in the same direction as me.  It didn’t look much like a drill to me.  I really wanted to be clear of them so I upped the rate to 22 and tried to open up some clear water.  It took about 500m but I was a few lengths ahead of them when they stopped to turn around and I returned to my normally scheduled program.

By that point, I had blown through my HR cap, and I found it very difficult to slow down enough in the conditions to get my HR back down where it belonged.  With the headwind, the boat felt very heavy and I needed to concentrate very hard on getting enough blade clearance above the water.  As soon as I eased up the stroke to try to let my HR settle, my rowing form went into the toilet.  I decided to focus on trying to row as cleanly as I could.

Even after I turned at the dam, I found that rowing with the tail required enough concentration that it was difficult to row gently enough to keep my HR in check.

I finally relaxed enough to row reasonable well on the final leg back to the dock from the dam.

The end result was a black hole workout.

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 12.20.56 PM Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 12.21.20 PM

00020_|_1640_|_08:18_|_2:31.8_|_167___|_20.1_|_09.8_|_147___|_Stopped for boats
01660_|_0600_|_02:49_|_2:21.1_|_063___|_22.3_|_09.5_|_164___|_get ahead of fleet
02260_|_1680_|_08:32_|_2:32.5_|_173___|_20.3_|_09.7_|_158___|_rest of way to dam
03949_|_3071_|_15:06_|_2:27.4_|_294___|_19.5_|_10.4_|_155___|_Back upriver to cove
07060_|_2820_|_14:49_|_2:37.7_|_286___|_19.3_|_09.9_|_156___|_back down river to dam
09880_|_0760_|_03:45_|_2:27.8_|_074___|_19.8_|_10.3_|_146___|_stopped to fix seat track
10700_|_2220_|_10:58_|_2:28.2_|_215___|_19.6_|_10.3_|_153___|_back to cut
13000_|_1100_|_05:26_|_2:28.1_|_114___|_21.0_|_09.6_|_154___|_through cut to home

12251_|_01:25_|_2:30.4_|_1219___|_19.8_|_10.1_|_155___|_Main set

I think I need to limit my rate to 18 or something to keep my HR low enough in these steady state sessions for now.

Tomorrow:  10×500/500r

4 x ( 6 x 1′ on / 1′ off ) / 5′ rest (With some video analysis)

Conditions: cloudy, 45F, Wind: N 4-6mph (not a factor)


  1. 4x(6 x 1’on/1’off)  5′ rest.  This was motivated by Sander’s 20×1′ workout.  but since 6 intervals fits pretty well for the length or river I am working on, and I didn’t relish the thought of doing 20 reps in one block, I decided to increase the total number of reps, but divide it into 4 blocks.
  2. Target pace: 2:00
  3. Target rate: >28
  4. Work on tap downs, getting good reach at higher rates and sitting up straight

Started with a couple of drills.

King of the Mountain.  Sit at the catch with blades buried.  Lift blades clear of water, and then drop for the catch.  Repeat.

Top quarter.  Sit at the catch with blades buried.  Take the first 6 inches of the stroke, then lift blades from water and return to catch.  Repeat.

Pick drill.  Starting with arms only, progress to arms and body, then quarter slide, then half slide.  Work on good finishes and getting blades clear of the water on recovery.

From there I rowed a warmup for the next 4 minutes or so, and dove into the first set of the intervals.  I found it was very easy to push them too hard,  I would get out to about 20 strokes and feel really burnt out.  I eventually learned to go out a bit more conservatively and push the last part of the rep more.  Overall I hit the pace target, and a few of the reps were slowed down by having to do them through the s-turn, or under the bridge.

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 10.52.33 AM Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 10.52.54 AM




06220_|_24:56_|_2:00.3_|_729___|_29.2_|_08.5_|_165___|_Main set
06460_|_40:49_|_3:09.5_|_754___|_18.5_|_08.6_|_154___|_rest meters

My best two intervals were at the end of the first set.  Here are videos of those reps, along with the Crewnerd pace, rate and HR data.

Tomorrow:  Something a bit tamer.  Steady state, r20, HR cap at 150

4×2500 / 5′ rest – Windy as hell


  • Sunny
  • 37F
  • Wind: West 12mph, gusting to 20. Very changeable direction and gusty
    (cross/tail wind down river, cross/head wind up river)


  1. 4 x 2500m
  2. ~ 5 minute rest
  3. Head race pace (2:10 – 2:15)
  4. stroke rate: > 26

This was a good workout.  The wind was brutal.  There were a couple of sections where there was enough width to really build up some chop and allow the wind to get up some momentum.  This map shows where it was bad.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 3.42.22 PM

I had a bit of excitement on the first interval.  I came rowing out of the narrow channel where I had started and started to make the broad turn onto the straight 1k section.  I look over my shoulder every 10 strokes or so, since there isn’t usually much traffic.  Anyway, when I looked at 300m, I didn’t see anything.  But when I turned 10 strokes later, there were 2 fours and a launch lined up across my side of the river, about 50m ahead.  They were stopped dead in the water and drifting.

I needed to essentially coast to a stop and then thread the needle between the two boats.  I’m usually really good natured about them ignoring the traffic pattern, but I was pretty grumpy about interrupting an interval that was actually going pretty well.  The coach in the launch apologized and I was on my way again.

From there, it was really just about trying to find a pace that was maintainable, work on crispy finishes, try to avoid smashing the chop, and stay brave enough to fully compress into the catch with the boat bouncing around.  Oh yeah, and get the right line through the s-curve and the right arch on the bridge without losing too much boat speed.  To put it another way.  It was perfect head race training.

The rate chart shows that I did a good job keeping my rate up in though it was choppy.  By comparison, last fall for the Merrimack chase in similar conditions, I was pulling at r24.  So that’s a step in the right direction.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 12.43.08 PM

It’s easy to see the interruption in the first interval.  The big hit on pace in the second interval was rowing into the wind tunnel.  The pace increase at the end of the third interval was hitting the basin at the end and picking up a nice bit of tail wind.

The fourth interval shows that the tail wind that hit me at the end of interval #3 was still blowing, but now as a head wind.  It was bad all the way to the bridge.  The next chunk, in front of the watch factory was nice and flat, then I turned into the s-curve and hit the wind tunnel again.  Beyond the wind tunnel, the chop on the last 1K section was horrible until I was past the island.  I was able to get some good strokes in over the last 300m as the elevation on the bank increased and gave me a bit more shelter.

After that one, I wasn’t ready to feed the fishes ;-), but I was totally spent.  I took my feet out of the shoes and paddled my cool down like that.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 12.42.44 PM

01000_|_0440_|_01:54_|_2:09.9_|_049___|_25.7_|_09.0_|_152___|_Interval #1 part 1
01440_|_0080_|_00:28_|_2:51.9_|_007___|_15.3_|_11.4_|_138___|_blocked by fours
01520_|_1980_|_08:36_|_2:10.4_|_237___|_27.5_|_08.4_|_164___|_Interval #1 part 2
04000_|_2500_|_11:16_|_2:15.2_|_299___|_26.5_|_08.4_|_170___|_Interval #2
07000_|_2500_|_11:10_|_2:14.0_|_302___|_27.0_|_08.3_|_171___|_Interval #3
10000_|_2500_|_11:43_|_2:20.6_|_317___|_27.1_|_07.9_|_168___|_Interval #4
12500_|_1700_|_09:36_|_2:49.4_|_198___|_20.6_|_08.6_|_146___|_cool down (feet out)

09920_|_44:40_|_2:15.1_|_1204___|_27.0_|_08.2_|_168___|_Main set
01580_|_11:07_|_3:31.0_|_189___|_17.0_|_08.4_|_136___|_rest meters
01700_|_09:36_|_2:49.4_|_198___|_20.6_|_08.6_|_146___|_cool down

So, I managed a 2:15.1 pace.  Only a bit off the target despite the wind.  I’m really pleased with that.  On a calm day, I think I could shave 3 to 5 seconds off of that.

With the wind and water conditions, I needed to grip the oars a bit more tightly than normal.  As I told a coworker.  I rowed until I was bleeding!

2015-04-24 08.34.20

Tomorrow:  No rowing!  Road trip.

Easy and Breezy: 11 x ( 500 square blade / 500 steady state )

The weather report was not very promising yesterday, with rain, cold temps and high winds forecasted.  I went to the length of packing gym clothes in case I decided to skip the OTW in favor of an erg session in the gym at work.

As it turned out, it was a lovely morning.  Sunny, chilly, but not freezing.  It was pretty calm when I started, but the wind built during the row and ended up about 10-15mph from the west by the time I finished.  It certainly impacted the splits, but it didn’t imact what I was trying to do.

So, what was I trying to do.


  1. Alternate 500 meters of square blade rowing with 500 meters of steady state rowing
  2. Technique focus:
    1. Attempt to row without touching water on recovery (work on balance)
    2. Finish each stroke without my hands touching my torso (clean finishes)
    3. Full compression both on the square and steady state (balance)

I started with a quick set of drills.

  • King of the mountain:  sit at the catch, and lift and drop the oars.  Focus on isolating the arm motion and maintaining balance.  I did about 20 reps.
  • Top Quarter:  Going straight from the King of the mountain, take teeny, tiny strokes from the catch to about 6 inches down the slide, then back to the catch.  Essentially isolating the catch.  I took about 10 strokes that way and started to get the hang of it.  Then I caught water with my starboard oar and caused enough panic to pull the plug on it for the day.  At least I didn’t flip and it sure seems like it will be a good drill.
  • arms only for about 100m, then arms and body.  Focusing on clean finishes.
  • Pause at body over.  I did that for about 500m

This all took me to the cut, after I maneuvered through, I paddled until I had exactly 1000m on the speedcoach, and then went right into square blades.  500m of that, then switch to 500m of steady state between 18 and 20 spm.  For both normal and square blade rowing, I tried to keep the stroke power reasonably high, so that I wasn’t just paddling along.  And I tried to get all the way to full compression at the catch.

I found that I could sometimes take a couple strokes without touching water.  And when I touched, it was lightly on a single side, usually starboard.  When the water was flat, it was easier than when it was gusting, but the wind actually made it a bit more challenging and interesting.

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 2.28.19 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 2.27.29 PM

01000_|_0500_|_02:34_|_2:34.2_|_047___|_18.3_|_10.6_|_134___|_on the square
01500_|_0500_|_02:22_|_2:22.4_|_047___|_19.8_|_10.6_|_146___|_steady state
02000_|_0500_|_02:31_|_2:31.2_|_047___|_18.7_|_10.6_|_143___|_on the square
02500_|_0500_|_02:18_|_2:18.5_|_051___|_22.1_|_09.8_|_152___|_steady state
03000_|_0500_|_02:25_|_2:24.9_|_048___|_19.9_|_10.4_|_149___|_on the square
03500_|_0500_|_02:35_|_2:34.8_|_048___|_18.6_|_10.4_|_140___|_steady state
04000_|_0500_|_02:47_|_2:46.5_|_051___|_18.4_|_09.8_|_141___|_on the square
04500_|_0500_|_02:29_|_2:29.2_|_048___|_19.3_|_10.4_|_143___|_steady state
05000_|_0500_|_02:44_|_2:44.1_|_051___|_18.6_|_09.8_|_144___|_on the square
05500_|_0500_|_02:34_|_2:33.5_|_048___|_18.8_|_10.4_|_148___|_steady state
06000_|_0500_|_02:41_|_2:41.2_|_049___|_18.2_|_10.2_|_150___|_on the square
06500_|_0500_|_02:35_|_2:34.6_|_050___|_19.4_|_10.0_|_144___|_steady state
07000_|_0500_|_02:34_|_2:33.7_|_047___|_18.3_|_10.6_|_141___|_on the square
07500_|_0500_|_02:20_|_2:20.5_|_047___|_20.1_|_10.6_|_150___|_steady state
08000_|_0500_|_02:35_|_2:34.6_|_049___|_19.0_|_10.2_|_143___|_on the square
08500_|_0500_|_02:23_|_2:23.1_|_049___|_20.5_|_10.2_|_151___|_steady state
09000_|_0500_|_02:34_|_2:33.7_|_050___|_19.5_|_10.0_|_144___|_on the square
09500_|_0500_|_02:35_|_2:34.5_|_049___|_19.0_|_10.2_|_136___|_steady state
10000_|_0500_|_02:44_|_2:44.2_|_050___|_18.3_|_10.0_|_143___|_on the square
10500_|_0500_|_02:37_|_2:37.0_|_047___|_18.0_|_10.6_|_143___|_steady state
11000_|_0500_|_02:55_|_2:54.7_|_052___|_17.9_|_09.6_|_140___|_on the square
11500_|_0500_|_02:36_|_2:35.8_|_050___|_19.3_|_10.0_|_144___|_steady state
12000_|_0500_|_02:32_|_2:32.2_|_050___|_19.7_|_10.0_|_148___|_on the square
12500_|_0500_|_02:35_|_2:34.7_|_054___|_20.9_|_09.3_|_155___|_steady state
13000_|_1080_|_05:48_|_2:41.0_|_113___|_19.5_|_09.6_|_148___|_cool down

06000_|_31:35_|_2:37.9_|_591___|_18.7_|_10.2_|_143___|_Square Blade rowing
06000_|_29:59_|_2:29.9_|_588___|_19.6_|_10.2_|_146___|_Steady State
01080_|_05:48_|_2:41.0_|_113___|_19.5_|_09.6_|_148___|_cool down

Tomorrow:  Since I won’t be able to row this weekend, I will plan to do a long interval session tomorrow.  4×2500/ ~4′ rest.  Target rate: r26, Target split 2:15

Some less than impressive 500m intervals

Some days your head is just not in the game.  Today was one of those days.

I can’t blame the weather.  It was about 40F, clear with a light easterly breeze (<5mph)

The plan was:

  1. 8x500m / 500m rest
  2. Pace target: 2:00 to 2:05
  3. Rate target: >30
  4. focus on rowing with an erect posture and avoiding too much lean back.

Within this disaster of a workout, there were actually a couple of good things that happened.

First, the warmup went very well.  Sounds stupid, but the warmup that I do is essentially a rate ladder and I felt like I was in control and rowing really well in each one of the bursts.

Second, I was able to row in control at a higher rate than I have been able to before, at or above about 32 SPM for all the intervals.  Last season, I had a lot of trouble with setting the boat and generating power at rates higher than 30SPM.  I want to be able to work on that, and get to the point where I can race sprints at a 33 or 34 and head races around 28.

But those were just two tiny pearls in giant rotten oyster of a workout.  When the going got tough, about half way through each of the intervals, I just had an overwhelming desire to quit.  I ended up quitting on two intervals.  In two of the other intervals, I was waked by the launch out with the Brandeis Crew.  I was reasonably happy with the first 2 intervals, but even they have an annoying fade in the second half.

After 5 intervals, I decided to give up, so I did one more and called it a day.

I’m going to have to come back to this one next week.  I will probably extend out to 10 intervals and set a stroke rate target for each one.  (26,26,28,28,30,30,32,32,34,34)

2015-04-22_14-51-03 2015-04-22_14-50-36

05650_|_0500_|_01:58_|_1:57.9_|_065___|_33.1_|_07.7_|_166___|_Interval #1
06500_|_0500_|_01:59_|_1:59.4_|_065___|_32.7_|_07.7_|_167___|_Interval #2
07500_|_0280_|_01:08_|_2:01.6_|_036___|_31.7_|_07.8_|_161___|_Interval #3 (fail)
08000_|_0500_|_02:02_|_2:02.4_|_065___|_31.9_|_07.7_|_163___|_Interval #4
09000_|_0180_|_00:44_|_2:02.2_|_022___|_30.0_|_08.2_|_159___|_Interval #5 (fail)
09500_|_0500_|_02:04_|_2:04.1_|_066___|_31.9_|_07.6_|_169___|_Interval #6
10000_|_1360_|_07:23_|_2:42.8_|_154___|_20.9_|_08.8_|_152___|_cool down

02460_|_09:56_|_2:01.1_|_319___|_32.1_|_07.7_|_165___|_Main set
01890_|_12:01_|_3:10.8_|_220___|_18.3_|_08.6_|_148___|_rest meters
01360_|_07:23_|_2:42.8_|_154___|_20.9_|_08.8_|_152___|_cool down

I got even more bummed out about this workout when I looked at my training journal for last June and saw that I did a 10×500/500r workout with an avg pace of 1:58.8 and 30.7SPM.

I have some work to do to get back there.

Tomorrow:  14K Steady State

CrewNerd and XGPS160 – Initial impressions

When I row, I generally have both my iphone running CrewNerd and a Speedcoach XL2 in the boat.  I bring the phone because it is a reasonably lonely stretch of river and it is a recommended safety accessory.  Since I need to have it in the boat, I might as well have it do something useful.

I have used both CrewNerd and Rowing In Motion and there are pros and cons of both.  RIM is a great tool for real time feedback in the boat.  CrewNerd has better data export features and good tools to review a workout on the phone including a map view and nifty graphs of pace, rate, HR and stuff.

The major disadvantage of using CrewNerd versus the Speedcoach XL2 is the accuracy, stability and responsiveness of the pace readings.  CrewNerd works off of the GPS in the iphone.  This provides position data on a 1Hz basis, and the application uses this position data to deduce the velocity.  By comparison, the Speedcoach GPS2 has a GPS capability that provides 5 updates per second.  The impact of this is that Crewnerd needs to use significant smoothing to stabilize the coarse position data.  This causes a significant lag, up to 10 seconds between a velocity change in the boat and the pace display on CrewNerd showing a stable, accurate pace.  You can crank the smoothing dow, but then you end up with pace readings that essentially oscillate around the actual pace.

The good folks who developed CrewNerd recommend that the best way to get more accurate and responsive pace display is to pair the iphone with an external GPS receiver.  They recommend the Dual XGS160.  This provides 10Hz position data.  When paired with this receiver, the pace display responds quickly and settles well.

However, CrewNerd seems to be unreliable with the XGPS160 receiver.  Sander (of “Rows-And-All” fame) has previously described having hangups and the freezing of the CrewNerd navigation display when using the receiver.  This morning the same thing happened to me.  I was 11K into a 14K row, and then the pace and distance displays stopped updating.  The HR display was alive and displayed an accurate number.  I’m not sure what’s going on, but I am not sure whether it is better to have a laggy pace display or have the app stop functioning in the middle of a practice or race.

OTW Rate Ladders – Fun in the Black Hole

Yesterday, I was focused on staying under the HR cap and I was OK with letting the rate slide around.  Today, I wanted to work on hitting specific rates with good form.


  1. 6 minute rate ladders:  3’@18, 2’@20, 1’@22
  2. Work on crisp finishes and getting a good reach at the catch across the different rates.
  3. Try to stay in the aerobic HR zone.

I ended up working a bit  too hard.  I was chasing the splits on the r18 segments and really pushing the effort on the drive.  I was lightening up on the r20 and r22 pretty well, but I really gave myself no relief in the r18 segments.  I think I have too much muscle memory from the Rojabo workouts I was doing last fall.  I need to work on maintaining perfect form and not put as much oomph into the drive when I row at r18.

I’ll loop back around to this workout again, but next time I want to get the avgHR down a bit.



00820_|_05:04_|_3:05.3_|_091___|_18.0_|_09.0_|_136___|_cool down

Tomorrow:  8×500/r500

Monday: 14K Steady State OTW


  1. Rate 19-21
  2. Pace: Sub 2:30
  3. HR Hard cap at 155
  4. Continue to work on crisp finishes

It was cold and grey this morning, about 45F.  There was a breeze blowing upstream which started about 5mph and built to about 10mph by the time I finished.  So, all my downstream splits were slow and my upstream splits were fast.  I was able to maintain, on average about a 2:25 pace and keep below my HR cap.  So, a little bit of progress.

I felt awful when I started and excellent when I finished, so I guess you have to call that a good day.

Notice the big slow down at the end of the third piece.  That was the building headwind.  The last bit was more exposed than the rest and I wanted to stay at the cap.

Also, notice the rate creeping up.  I was trying to do that.  I wanted to try to focus on taking lighter strokes as I went along to maintain the pace without bumping up the HR.



00940_|_3000_|_14:25_|_2:24.1_|_282___|_19.6_|_10.6_|_149___|_downriver, calm
04000_|_3000_|_14:14_|_2:22.3_|_282___|_19.8_|_10.6_|_152___|_upriver, tailwind
07000_|_2840_|_14:01_|_2:28.0_|_283___|_20.2_|_10.0_|_153___|_downriver, headwind
09900_|_3080_|_14:43_|_2:23.4_|_304___|_20.6_|_10.1_|_151___|_upriver, tailwind
12980_|_1120_|_05:25_|_2:25.2_|_116___|_21.4_|_09.7_|_155___|_Cool down

11920_|_57:23_|_2:24.4_|_1151___|_20.1_|_10.4_|_151___|_Main set
01120_|_05:25_|_2:25.2_|_116___|_21.4_|_09.7_|_155___|_cool down

Tomorrow:  Same thing as today.

Sunday PM: 2x5K/2′ rest

Just a quick session to loosen up the joints and to do a lactate test.

Power: 195.5.  HR: 143.7, Rate: 19.1, Lactate: 2.6

Too high.  Reduced power to 190W for next piece.


Workout Summary – Apr 20, 2015
–_|_05000_|_20:14.3_|_02:01.4_|_195.5_|_19.1_|_131.9_|_ 62.3% _|_13.0_|_10.2
Workout Details

01_|_01250_|_05:02.6_|_02:01.1_|_197.3_|_19.2_|_103.4_|_ 42.1% _|_12.9_|_10.3
02_|_01250_|_05:03.7_|_02:01.5_|_195.2_|_19.2_|_138.8_|_ 67.2% _|_12.9_|_10.2
03_|_01250_|_05:03.9_|_02:01.6_|_194.8_|_18.8_|_141.9_|_ 69.5% _|_13.2_|_10.4
04_|_01250_|_05:04.1_|_02:01.6_|_194.5_|_19.1_|_143.7_|_ 70.7% _|_12.9_|_10.2


Workout Summary – Apr 20, 2015
–_|_05000_|_20:24.1_|_02:02.4_|_190.8_|_19.2_|_143.1_|_ 70.3% _|_12.8_|_09.9
Workout Details

01_|_01250_|_05:06.3_|_02:02.5_|_190.3_|_19.2_|_134.7_|_ 64.3% _|_12.8_|_09.9
02_|_01250_|_05:05.6_|_02:02.2_|_191.6_|_19.2_|_144.3_|_ 71.2% _|_12.8_|_10.0
03_|_01250_|_05:05.7_|_02:02.3_|_191.4_|_19.0_|_146.3_|_ 72.5% _|_12.9_|_10.1
04_|_01250_|_05:06.5_|_02:02.6_|_190.0_|_19.4_|_147.2_|_ 73.2% _|_12.6_|_09.8

Random Intervals on Lake Quinsigamond

The original intent of today’s training was to do a hard 5K from the south end of the lake to the north end, but this was disrupted by events.  I ended up with a 3.3K interval, and two 1.2K intervals.  It was a lovely morning for a row.  Sunny, mid 50s, very little wind.  The water was flat except for some waterskier wakes.  Even those weren’t too bad today.

I warmed up from the boat house to the south end of the lake, including some 20 and 30 stroke bursts working rate up from 24 to 30.  I also did about 1K on the square and felt pretty solid in the boat.

The I set up for my 5K, and took off. My objectives were:

  1. Rate above 26
  2. Pace around 2:15
  3. Keep working on earlier tap down and crisp finishes

Keeping pace on target was a bit of an issue.  The battery that decided to be dead today was the new XGPS160.  I hadn’t charged for a couple of weeks, but I’ve only used it on about 6 outings, so I thought I’d be OK.  Turns out, I was wrong.  I will have to plan to keep it plugged into the charge when I’m not using it.  Without the XGPS, I was back to relying upon the iPhone GPS, and on Crewnerd, that means there is a pretty good lag and the pace hunts around a bit.  I ended up pretty much ignoring the pace and rowing by feel.  If I felt like I was about to die, I knew I was rowing hard enough.    Like my 1K intervals, I found that if I stopped concentrating on my finishes, that I would layback too much and slow down.  When I got back on track, and got really good compression at the catch, and finished well, the boat definitely moved much better.  I’ve heard that about rowing with the Fat2s.  You need to work on the front half of the stroke to get any speed.

So, I had run through a couple of wakes without huge slow downs, and I was getting pretty winded by the time I approached the bridge.  A sculler heading in the opposite direction hailed me and told me that they were starting races soon on the 2K course at the north end of the lake.  I pressed on, hoping that I could sneak north outside the race lanes and finish my 5K.  I sped back up, and went under the bridge, and started to turn to the side of the course.  I turned around to look and there were 3 eights steaming down the course towards the finish.  I was safely out of the way, but there was no way I was going to try to finish a hard 5K in the return lane while they were actually running races, so I pulled the plug with a mixture of regret and relief.  It would have been a tough last 2K, but I wanted to finish what I had started.

What to do now?  I decided to do go from the bridge, back south to the end of the lake, and after a bit of a rest I took off on that project.  I had gotten about 750m into that when the other boats I was out with passed me heading north.  I changed my mind and decided to stop at the narrows after about 1200m, and then do another rep going back north.  Maybe it was a rationalization, but I didn’t want them all to wait for me back at the dock if they were done.  That’s considered a bit rude.

I spun just south of the narrows and did my final rep.  I knew it would all be over in 150 strokes, so I pushed this one a bit harder.  While I was doing that rep, the quad passed me going south again.  Oh well, they weren’t going in after all.

I finished the rep at the bridge, turned south again and pulled my feet out of the shoes.  I rowed my cooldown with my feet out.  Another good way to make sure that I concentrated on my finishes.  The quad passed me heading north this time, and I turned to follow them back to the dock.

It was a pretty strenuous workout.  I was happy with the rate.  I was not as happy with the pace.  My pace on the 3K was around 2:17.  I want to be a lot faster than that.  I don’t think it’s fitness, so I need to keep working technique



2015-04-18 11.31.44

Start_|_Dist_|__Time_|_Split Pace_|_Strokes_|_SPM__|_DPS__|_Remarks
04073_|_3312_|_15:08_|_2:17.1_____|_395_____|_26.1_|_08.4_|_interval #1
07857_|_1228_|_05:37_|_2:17.2_____|_149_____|_26.5_|_08.2_|_interval #2
09368_|_1240_|_05:30_|_2:13.1_____|_150_____|_27.3_|_08.3_|_Interval #3
10608_|_1447_|_10:26_|_3:36.3_____|_176_____|_16.9_|_08.2_|_cd feet out

5780_____|_26:15_|_2:16.2_|_694_____|_26.4_|_08.3_|_Main set
1447_____|_10:26_|_3:36.3_|_176_____|_16.9_|_08.2_|_Cool down
1852_____|_08:29_|_2:17.4_|_215_____|_25.3_|_08.6_|_rest meters

Tomorrow:  Rest day.