4×2500 / 5′ rest – Windy as hell


  • Sunny
  • 37F
  • Wind: West 12mph, gusting to 20. Very changeable direction and gusty
    (cross/tail wind down river, cross/head wind up river)


  1. 4 x 2500m
  2. ~ 5 minute rest
  3. Head race pace (2:10 – 2:15)
  4. stroke rate: > 26

This was a good workout.  The wind was brutal.  There were a couple of sections where there was enough width to really build up some chop and allow the wind to get up some momentum.  This map shows where it was bad.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 3.42.22 PM

I had a bit of excitement on the first interval.  I came rowing out of the narrow channel where I had started and started to make the broad turn onto the straight 1k section.  I look over my shoulder every 10 strokes or so, since there isn’t usually much traffic.  Anyway, when I looked at 300m, I didn’t see anything.  But when I turned 10 strokes later, there were 2 fours and a launch lined up across my side of the river, about 50m ahead.  They were stopped dead in the water and drifting.

I needed to essentially coast to a stop and then thread the needle between the two boats.  I’m usually really good natured about them ignoring the traffic pattern, but I was pretty grumpy about interrupting an interval that was actually going pretty well.  The coach in the launch apologized and I was on my way again.

From there, it was really just about trying to find a pace that was maintainable, work on crispy finishes, try to avoid smashing the chop, and stay brave enough to fully compress into the catch with the boat bouncing around.  Oh yeah, and get the right line through the s-curve and the right arch on the bridge without losing too much boat speed.  To put it another way.  It was perfect head race training.

The rate chart shows that I did a good job keeping my rate up in though it was choppy.  By comparison, last fall for the Merrimack chase in similar conditions, I was pulling at r24.  So that’s a step in the right direction.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 12.43.08 PM

It’s easy to see the interruption in the first interval.  The big hit on pace in the second interval was rowing into the wind tunnel.  The pace increase at the end of the third interval was hitting the basin at the end and picking up a nice bit of tail wind.

The fourth interval shows that the tail wind that hit me at the end of interval #3 was still blowing, but now as a head wind.  It was bad all the way to the bridge.  The next chunk, in front of the watch factory was nice and flat, then I turned into the s-curve and hit the wind tunnel again.  Beyond the wind tunnel, the chop on the last 1K section was horrible until I was past the island.  I was able to get some good strokes in over the last 300m as the elevation on the bank increased and gave me a bit more shelter.

After that one, I wasn’t ready to feed the fishes ;-), but I was totally spent.  I took my feet out of the shoes and paddled my cool down like that.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 12.42.44 PM

01000_|_0440_|_01:54_|_2:09.9_|_049___|_25.7_|_09.0_|_152___|_Interval #1 part 1
01440_|_0080_|_00:28_|_2:51.9_|_007___|_15.3_|_11.4_|_138___|_blocked by fours
01520_|_1980_|_08:36_|_2:10.4_|_237___|_27.5_|_08.4_|_164___|_Interval #1 part 2
04000_|_2500_|_11:16_|_2:15.2_|_299___|_26.5_|_08.4_|_170___|_Interval #2
07000_|_2500_|_11:10_|_2:14.0_|_302___|_27.0_|_08.3_|_171___|_Interval #3
10000_|_2500_|_11:43_|_2:20.6_|_317___|_27.1_|_07.9_|_168___|_Interval #4
12500_|_1700_|_09:36_|_2:49.4_|_198___|_20.6_|_08.6_|_146___|_cool down (feet out)

09920_|_44:40_|_2:15.1_|_1204___|_27.0_|_08.2_|_168___|_Main set
01580_|_11:07_|_3:31.0_|_189___|_17.0_|_08.4_|_136___|_rest meters
01700_|_09:36_|_2:49.4_|_198___|_20.6_|_08.6_|_146___|_cool down

So, I managed a 2:15.1 pace.  Only a bit off the target despite the wind.  I’m really pleased with that.  On a calm day, I think I could shave 3 to 5 seconds off of that.

With the wind and water conditions, I needed to grip the oars a bit more tightly than normal.  As I told a coworker.  I rowed until I was bleeding!

2015-04-24 08.34.20

Tomorrow:  No rowing!  Road trip.

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