If I can master this drill, I can rule the world!!!

I just saw this post over on rowing related.

It was Megan Kalmoe’s contribution to the Best Rowing Drills series on the web site.

There was one drill called Top Quarter, where you go from catch to quarter slide and repeat.  It looks like it stresses balance and timing in a very challenging way.

I have a lot of trouble confidently maintaining balance going into the catch.  If I can get this drill mastered, I think I’ll be a lot cleaner at the catch.

3×20’/1′ at Crossfit Carbon in Vernon Hills, IL

No lactate test today, and plenty of noise on the HR data, but a delightful workout.  I was going to row at 187W, up just a little from Sunday’s row, but it felt so easy, and my HR was happily low, so I went with 193-ish.

As I have found at every single Crossfit box that I have visited, these folks were friendly, and the ergs were meticulously maintained.  There was a beginner class going on while I rowed and three experts (all women) doing a fiendish looking WOD that involved clean and jerks, rowing and kipping pull ups.  I was thoroughly intimidated, but the time passed extremely quickly with so much going on around me.

2015-04-07_9-40-08 2015-04-07_9-39-51

2015-04-07 07.55.03

Tomorrow:  I will head back to Crossfit Carbon.  Most likely I will make an attempt at the CTC.