Monday: 14K Steady State OTW


  1. Rate 19-21
  2. Pace: Sub 2:30
  3. HR Hard cap at 155
  4. Continue to work on crisp finishes

It was cold and grey this morning, about 45F.  There was a breeze blowing upstream which started about 5mph and built to about 10mph by the time I finished.  So, all my downstream splits were slow and my upstream splits were fast.  I was able to maintain, on average about a 2:25 pace and keep below my HR cap.  So, a little bit of progress.

I felt awful when I started and excellent when I finished, so I guess you have to call that a good day.

Notice the big slow down at the end of the third piece.  That was the building headwind.  The last bit was more exposed than the rest and I wanted to stay at the cap.

Also, notice the rate creeping up.  I was trying to do that.  I wanted to try to focus on taking lighter strokes as I went along to maintain the pace without bumping up the HR.



00940_|_3000_|_14:25_|_2:24.1_|_282___|_19.6_|_10.6_|_149___|_downriver, calm
04000_|_3000_|_14:14_|_2:22.3_|_282___|_19.8_|_10.6_|_152___|_upriver, tailwind
07000_|_2840_|_14:01_|_2:28.0_|_283___|_20.2_|_10.0_|_153___|_downriver, headwind
09900_|_3080_|_14:43_|_2:23.4_|_304___|_20.6_|_10.1_|_151___|_upriver, tailwind
12980_|_1120_|_05:25_|_2:25.2_|_116___|_21.4_|_09.7_|_155___|_Cool down

11920_|_57:23_|_2:24.4_|_1151___|_20.1_|_10.4_|_151___|_Main set
01120_|_05:25_|_2:25.2_|_116___|_21.4_|_09.7_|_155___|_cool down

Tomorrow:  Same thing as today.

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