OTW Rate Ladders – Fun in the Black Hole

Yesterday, I was focused on staying under the HR cap and I was OK with letting the rate slide around.  Today, I wanted to work on hitting specific rates with good form.


  1. 6 minute rate ladders:  3’@18, 2’@20, 1’@22
  2. Work on crisp finishes and getting a good reach at the catch across the different rates.
  3. Try to stay in the aerobic HR zone.

I ended up working a bit  too hard.  I was chasing the splits on the r18 segments and really pushing the effort on the drive.  I was lightening up on the r20 and r22 pretty well, but I really gave myself no relief in the r18 segments.  I think I have too much muscle memory from the Rojabo workouts I was doing last fall.  I need to work on maintaining perfect form and not put as much oomph into the drive when I row at r18.

I’ll loop back around to this workout again, but next time I want to get the avgHR down a bit.



00820_|_05:04_|_3:05.3_|_091___|_18.0_|_09.0_|_136___|_cool down

Tomorrow:  8×500/r500

One thought on “OTW Rate Ladders – Fun in the Black Hole

  1. sanderroosendaal says:

    Pretty similar to what I did today. I did “free form” roughly inspired by L4 workouts, using RIM to look at technique. When using CrewNerd, I do more orthodox L4s as I have programmed a few L4 sequences in there. 2x12min for example, which nicely fits in our lake with a 1 minute rest for turning around.


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