Monday: 4 x 2500 / 500m rest

Conditions:  Sunny, warm (55 to 60F), wind ssw at 5-8mph.  This was a tail wind going down river and a head wind coming back.


  1. 4×2500
  2. 500m rest
  3. Pace: better than 2:15
  4. rate: 26 or higher

Well, it didn’t quite work out as planned.  There was a light but consistent headwind heading up river which made the boat feel quite heavy.  That combined with a pair of sore legs from 21K in the boat on Saturday and 21K on the erg on Sunday provided a bit of a challenge to hitting my plan.  I was having a bit of trouble keeping my rate up, especially into the headwind.

However, I was pretty happy with the rowing.  I was working on rowing with less layback and that seemed to be working.  I also focused on relaxing my shoulders during the last 500m of each piece.  This was based on some feedback from Tom (“Stelph”) about me looking a bit hunched.  I was feeling pretty fatigued by the time I was 2000m into each of the intervals, and concentrating on something different for the last section really helped me power through to the end.  I found when I relaxed my shoulders during the drive that I was burying my oars less at the catch.

At the downwind end of the two straight parts, I was having a bit trouble staying clear of the minuscule bit of chop that was forming.  When I rowed my cooldown with feet out, I really tried to get better press down and stay completely clear of the water.  I don’t think it’s an issue of balance.  I think carrying my oars close to the water is just a bad habit at this point.

2015-05-04_9-59-18 2015-05-04_9-58-47

12500_|_1640_|_09:10_|_2:47.7_|_182___|_19.8_|_09.0_|_141___|_feet out

10000_|_44:41_|_2:14.1_|_1137__|_25.4_|_08.8_|_168___|_Main set
01500_|_10:05_|_3:21.6_|_170___|_16.9_|_08.8_|_137___|_rest meters
01640_|_09:10_|_2:47.7_|_182___|_19.8_|_09.0_|_141___|_cool down

I used RIM again today.  Here are example strokes from the last 30 seconds or so of each of the intervals.

First Interval, tail wind.  Feeling fresh.


Second Interval, Headwind.  Feeling significantly less fresh.  Pushing really hard


Third Interval, Downwind again.  Shows some reasonable consistency with Interval #1, even though my legs were pretty much jelly by this point.


Last Interval.  Headwind.  Lower and flatter peak in the acceleration curve.


This afternoon, I am taking off for Orlando.  So, it will be some crosstraining in the hotel fitness center for me tomorrow, or maybe a run.