Tuesday: Run around Universal Studios

I’m in Orlando at a Conference.  We are at the Loew’s Royal Pacific Resort which is part of the universal studios theme park complex.  Around 4 in the afternoon, I snuck out for a run.  The objective was to do some sightseeing, and get some exercise. The loop around the outside perimeter of the park was 5km, so I did that first.  When I finished that I walked some of the paths and then did some more chunks of jogging around the grounds.

All together it was about 11km.  I ran about 8km of it at about a 6min per km pace.  I walked the other 3 km.

2015-05-05_16-55-17 2015-05-05 16.50.16

Tomorrow:  I fly home at 9:45AM.  I will most likely take it as a rest day.